Maintenance - March 25

On the 25th of March 2020, starting from 8:00 CET (midnight PDT), the server will not be available for 5 hours due to the application of Update 0.31.6015


List of Update 0.31.6015 Changes

  • Fixed several issues that caused the game to crash
  • Fixed a very large number of English localization and text issues based on player feedback
  • Spirithaven Special Operation, Chapter 3: Fixed an issue that cause the mission to become impossible to complete if the EMP guns were destroyed before the appearance of the objective to destroy them
  • Spirithaven Special Operation, Chapter 3: We made this mission easier for Tier 9 and 10 vehicles by reducing the difficulty of the runway phase where there are two points to defend at the same time
  • Spirithaven Special Operation, Chapter 3: Fixed an issue where the game would not correctly switched to the Night Vision mode if a player lost connection and reconnected during that phase
  • Spirithaven Special Operation, Chapter 3: Changed the time limit for the Divine Wind achievement from 15 to 12 minutes
  • Spirithaven Special Operation, Chapter 3: Fixed the sounds during the initial and final cutscenes and fixed the issue where, during the first cutscene, players would sometimes see team vehicles’ markers
  • CATTB: 140mm XM140-2 shell with 850mm penetration replaced by the XM140-1 shell with 800mm penetration and slightly lower muzzle velocity
  • Harimau: Fixed an issue where repairing tracks in battle would cause some visual parts of the vehicle (the fuel canisters in the back) to disappear
  • M48 GAU-8: Fixed an issue where fire mode cooldown could appear incorrectly when activated
  • Swingfire: Fixed the ATGM flight trajectory for this vehicle
  • T-15: Improved the visual quality of this vehicle’s model
  • Type 16 MCV: Fixed several gun clipping issues
  • Type 16 MCV: Fixed an issue where the gun firing effect would appear away from the gun itself
  • Type 16 MCV: Fixed an issue where some parts of the vehicle would appear without camouflage
  • New Battle UI: Changed the way ATGM info is displayed near the reticle – upon launch, players will see first the distance of the ATGM in flight and (upon its impact, destruction by APS or targeting disruption), a “Signal Lost” message
  • New Battle UI: Fixed an issue where there was no UI warning about other types of shells than ATGMs, intercepted by enemy hard-kill APS
  • New Battle UI: Added minimap and vehicle status panel opacity settings
  • New Battle UI: Added vehicle status panel size settings
  • New Battle UI: Fixed an issue where the shell icons would disappear from the Battle UI after a respawn
  • New Battle UI: Improved several vehicle status panel silhouettes
  • New Battle UI: Added a hull lock icon for the vehicles with limited turret traverse (Ontos, Bradley AAWS-H and Taifun II) to the vehicle status panel
  • Added new assets for upcoming events and offers
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