Maintenance - April 23

On the 23rd of April 2020, starting from 8:00 CEST (22nd of April, 11 PM PDT), the server will not be available for 5 hours due to the application of Update 0.31.6073


List of Update 0.31.6073 Changes

Chinese MBT Improvements

In this update, we are improving the performance of long-underperforming Chinese Main Battle Tanks as such:

  • 9910, Type 99: Overhauled the frontal armor in general to make it more consistent and its weakspots more logical (its sides and rear were generally not changed),
  • 9910, Type 99: Fixed and simplified the armor layout to remove a number of issues that caused strange penetrations or shell bounces
  • 9910, Type 99, Type 99A, Type 99A2, Type 99A2-140: Divided the lower frontal plate into three areas with the upper part of it being more durable and the lower part of it more vulnerable
  • Type 99A, Type 99A2, Type 99A2-140: The protection levels of the front of the turret of these vehicles was increased by removing some weakspots
  • Type 99A2: This vehicle now has 5 percent thicker frontal armor than its predecessor, the Type 99A MBT
  • Type 99, Type 99A, Type 99A2: Fixed these tanks’ gun barrel models

Spirithaven Chapter 4 Improvements

Implemented a large number of fixes for the fourth chapter of the Spirithaven Special Operation:

  • Fixed a number of problems that caused vehicles to get stuck on the edges of the base
  • Changed the position of the “Explore the Base” initial objectives
  • Added a visual and sound cue for when the Enigma flagship is about to attack
  • Several randomized Supply Areas (the zones that replenish your ammunition) in the form of elevators were added to the map – in order for them to appear, they need to be activated by shooting a button next to each respective elevator (please note that these areas do also fix your components but they do not restore your hitpoints)
  • Added an extra indicator for the “Defend Magnus Holter” objective
  • Changed the timings of enemy vehicle spawns on this map in order to make the battle a bit easier
  • Improved the autoaim point function when locking on the turrets of the Enigma flagship
  • Fixed an issue where the flagship would sometimes not lift off and expose its engines after you destroy its turrets
  • Fixed an issue where the flagship would hit your vehicle with the laser-aimed railgun even though the laser was not shown as aiming directly at your vehicle
  • Fixed an issue where some textures of the base were missing during cutscenes
  • Interactive elements on this map now glow red

The following changes and fixes are also present in this update:

  • AS21: This vehicle now has the correct Large Troop Compartment trait
  • Challenger 2: Fixed an issue where this vehicle’s driver’s position on its frontal armor was only 1mm thick
  • Leclerc, T-14 Armata: These vehicles now have a special type of HE ammunition that explodes not only upon impact, but also when there is an enemy vehicle underneath it, dealing damage to the target’s roof
  • Spirithaven Special Operation, Chapter 3: Fixed a visual issue where one of the warships would descend in a jerking manner
  • Raid: Fixed an issue where the amount of Reward Point Insignia tokens was not displayed correctly (Reward Points with Insignias in them correctly reward 10 tokens, not just 1)
  • Fixed an issue where Mechanized Infantry would sometimes not attack enemy targets
  • Fixed an issue where getting destroyed by Mechanized Infantry, a bunker or another environmental object would make the death screen not display the identity of the killer correctly
  • Reduced the sound volume of firing White Phosphorus and Smoke rounds from a SPG
  • Fixed a rare issue causing the game to crash
  • Fixed an issue where some lines and tooltips in the Dossier window showed incorrect values (the “hits” line would only display hits that did damage to the enemy)
  • Fixed an issue where, for some temporary vehicles, there was an incorrect button in their Upgrade window (“Buy” instead of “Return”)
  • Added a number of new assets for upcoming events
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