Join the 24-Hour Charity Live Stream


Ever wanted to watch some pretty amazing gameplay on Twitch and help a good cause at the same time? Here's your chance - the 24 hour Live Stream!


On the 22nd of July 2016 (from 12 AM PDT, 9 AM CEST), as well as many of your favourite streamers will be participating in the 24 hour charity stream to raise funds for the Stack-Up.Org military charity!

Join us, help the veterans, donate and win many fabulous prizes we have prepared for you! In addition to that, every player who makes a donation and leaves his ingame name and server in the donation comment will receive a BWP-1M Puma Premium AFV!


Stack-Up.Org (EIN: 47-5424265) is a military non-profit charity founded in 2015 by Captain Steven “Shanghai Six” Machuga (ret.) to proudly support US, NATO and ANZAC veterans with the power of gaming through three platforms:

  • Supply Crates: Stack-Up provides video game-filled supply crates to veterans deployed to combat zones and recovering in military hospitals
  • Air Assaults: Stack-Up flies deserving veterans to various gaming events and to development studios for tours of their favorite titles
  • The Stacks: Through a shared language of gaming, veterans and civilians volunteer together locally to support veterans and their families back home through on-base events such as family support groups picnics or deployment ceremonies

The stream (along with donation options) will be available on the Armored Warfare Team Donation Page.

We'll see you on the battlefield!

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