Historical Skins – Object 787 Patriot


As usual, we’ve prepared some rather cool content for the game’s launch anniversary (celebrated on October 18). This time, the event will be called Red Cold and as you might have guessed from the name, it’s Soviet-themed. The reason for that is the main skin we’ll be offering to you in this event belongs to the Gadyuka (obtainable via the Eclipse Battle Path) and is called Object 787 Patriot.


Object 787

Of course, you’re already familiar with the Gadyuka story – a prototype was built in 1996. It was tested and rejected. Afterwards, it was left exposed to the elements for over two decades and later stored in the Kubinka museum until its restoration. The restoration took 8 people 5 months and was finished in November 2017.


Object 787

The refurbished vehicle is now in running condition and serves as an exhibit in the Patriot Park near Kubinka. And that’s where the skin’s name comes in. The vehicle bears a distinctive camouflage and is marked by its Object number, 787.


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There’s one more aspect worth mentioning. Using this skin unlocks the Battle Path progression modules right away. These include:

  • 80mm S-8T Rocket
  • Spall Liner
  • Improved FCS

In other words, you won’t have to unlock these using the Workshop Battle Path mechanic.


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The Red Cold event will also feature two rather interesting camouflages. The Soviet Summer camouflage as seen on a Soviet T-80UD (diesel variant of the T-80U using the 6TD engine) produced in Kharkov in the 1980s (715 vehicles between 1985 and 1992).


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The second camouflage is Soviet Far East as seen on a T-80BV of the Far East Military District. And last but not least, the event will also include the following decals and flag:

  • Emblem of the Soviet Army
  • Emblem of the Soviet Group of Forces in Germany
  • Emblem of the Soviet 1st Guards Tank Army
  • Emblem of the Soviet 2nd Guards Tank Army
  • Flag of the Soviet Army

We hope that you’ll enjoy this event, and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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