Historical Skins – M1A2 SEP v3 PL


Each year on the 15th of August, Poland celebrates the Armed Forces day, commemorating the anniversary of the 1920 Battle of Warsaw, where the Polish military defeated the Red Army invading forces. For this year, we’ve prepared a skin called M1A2 SEP v3 PL for the M1A2C Tier 9 MBT.


M1A1 FEP for Poland

As a part of a huge military hardware acquisition drive started by the recent events, Poland decided to purchase a large amount of American hardware. In the recent years, Poland has been a close political ally of the United States of America and it is therefore not surprising that it is building a military relationship with it, spending billions of zloty on American weapons.

One of the largest pats of the acquisition plan is the purchase of hundreds of Abrams tanks. In April 2022, Poland signed a contract for 250 modern M1A2 SEP v3 MBTs (called M1A2C in American service) to be delivered between 2025 and 2026. These are intended to replace the aging Soviet era tanks in Polish service (many of which have been transferred to Ukraine). The bulk of these vehicles should go to the 18th Mechanized Division “Tadeusz Buk” and the 1st Warsaw Armored Brigade “Tadeusz Kościuszko”.


Following the abovementioned contract, Poland also signed a second Abrams deal in January 2023 – this time for 116 M1A1 FEP MBTs. These should be available sooner than the M1A2s (which need an overhaul) – in fact, 14 of these have been already delivered in June 2023 and 24 more are expected to arrive in 2024. The M1A1 FEP version is a U.S. Marines variant of the M1A1 AIM. It included a refurbishment and improved sensors and communications equipment.

For our skin, we decided to go with the M1A2C because this tank doesn’t have any skins available yet. Aside from the standard Polish camouflage, the tank bears the insignia of the 1st Warsaw Armored Brigade “Tadeusz Kościuszko” (a mermaid carrying a sword and a shield).


This skin will be obtainable by playing Polish vehicles in Armored Warfare. The specific conditions will be announced a bit later. We hope that you’ll enjoy it and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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