Historical Camouflages - You Choose!

Update: This contest is now over. Click here to vote on the results!


One of the most popular recent features in Armored Warfare is the introduction of new real-life-based camouflages. So far, we have the eleven of those, including the famous Berlin Brigade pattern or the Uralvagonzavod export camouflage.

Today, we’d like to ask you, though – which camouflages would you like to see in the game?

It’s simple, really – if you have your favorite military camouflage, please visit our dedicated discord channel and post its image there along with a short description, for example:

German, Leopard 2 PSO, Eurosatory 2006


After a week, we’ll take a look at the submissions, sort out the best ones and will let you decide on three of them by voting. These will then be introduced in the future (it might take a month or few though).

One small thing to keep in mind, though – we are already working on the next batch of camouflages, which will consist of the iconic French Leclerc pattern – so there is no need to propose it:


We are looking forward to your submissions.

See you on the battlefield!

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