Direct-Fire SPG: Testing


Not so long ago, we unveiled our plan to overhaul the Self-Propelled Gun vehicle class into direct-firing vehicles. We have gathered your preliminary feedback but in order to evaluate it further, we’ve prepared a demonstration for you.


The plan is rather simple. In the next update, we’ll be introducing a direct-firing version of the Tier 6 Akatsiya SPG as a separate vehicle (temporarily in the Tank Destroyer class) and will be handing it out to every active account.

For one week, you’ll have the opportunity to try it out and submit your feedback via the form linked below. After the week passes, this vehicle will be removed from your account and its performance analyzed along with your feedback.

Click on the image below to open the form:


The following rewards are available during the testing:

While using the testbed Akatsiya:

  • Win 5 matches in PvP to receive 250 Battle Coins for the Eclipse Battle Path
  • Win 10 matches in PvE to recieve another 250 Battle Coins for the Eclipse Battle Path
  • Three randomly chosen feedback posts submitted via the form will receive 6.000 Battle Coins

Please note:

  • The event begins on May 25 (with a regular Thursday maintenance)
  • The testbed vehicle will be removed from your account after the end of the event
  • Visual customization used on the testbed vehicle will not be compensated in any way (install anything at your own peril)
  • The testbed vehicle does not count towards any missions or objectives and may experience other issues not connected to the tests
  • The vehicle is for the purposes of this test introduced as a Tank Destroyer
  • Only those feedback posts where the submitter did clearly put some effort into them are eligible for a reward
  • The rewards will be sent after the end of the event

We hope you’ll have fun during this temporary event and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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