Developer Friday - 27.11.2015

Welcome to the new regular Friday series with developer information based on the frequently asked player questions! This new weekly format will feature developer answers in form of short segments that will make the reading more comprehensible and will run in parallel with the usual (more detailed) Developer Q&A series. Enjoy!


  • There are currently no plans to make a mobile version of Armored Warfare, but the developers are watching the player feedback on this matter with great interest
  • Regarding the new premium vehicles – apart from the Black Friday event currently running, the Christmas event will have special winter-themed unique camouflages and bonuses. The developers are also planning to add the option to essentially turn every tank into a premium vehicle.
  • Object 640 “Black Eagle” is in long-term plans, it might appear in the same branch as for example the T-80BV
  • Optional spotting markers might appear as a part of the team list in battle
  • Developers are considering adding more classes to the game in distant future, such as the Armored Recovery Vehicles and Multiple Rocket Launchers, but these will most likely appear only after the introduction of main game features and proper balance of the existing classes
  • The “reload bug” will be partially fixed by the 0.11.1630 hotfix (possibly coming to EU/NA on 1.12.2015), the final fix of this issue will come in near future
  • Regarding the speed of updates, large updates will in the future come once per month like they do now.
  • Developers are now finding solutions how to allow the players to pre-load the patches in advance
  • The 0.11 sound issues (especially the track screeching) are known to developers and will be solved soon
  • There is currently no definitive timeframe in which the garage “armor inspector” (feature allowing the players to check the armor of tanks in detail) will come as right now the developers are working on more critical tasks such as bug fixing. The feature is however most certainly planned. Currently, the players can use the new Custom Match mechanism to thoroughly test vehicle armor.

That's it for today, see you next time!

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