Developer Diary: Future Events


With the Eclipse Battle Path released, it’s time to take a look at the future of Armored Warfare. We’re of course not sitting on our hands idly and apart from fixing various bugs and addressing the game’s issues, we’re also already preparing a number of interesting events and features for the second half of this year. Today we’d like to tell you more about one of the direction we’re considering and ask for your opinion.


One of the notable issues of Armored Warfare is the fact that its progression system is a one-way street. Once player leave lower Tier vehicles behind, they rarely get back to them unless they are really fun to play, which – by definition – only happen to be vehicles with rather special mechanics, vehicles that are too strong or vehicles that are otherwise standing out.

This event (we internally call “Dead Pool”) is supposed to remedy that. The dealers are opening a betting pool to see which mercenary companies survive the longest.

Very simply put, at the beginning of the free to play event (which is planned to last a few months), player vehicles will receive a “license token” for each of their vehicles. These “licensed” vehicles will then be able to earn a special new currency in matches (Dealer Tokens, using the same rules as Credits or XP) that can be used to unlock very valuable prizes that include:

  • Unique vehicle upgrades (new, more powerful ammunition for example)
  • New Commanders
  • Additional Retrofit slots
  • Additional Active Abilities

And so on. For each one, a player has to play roughly 50 average matches. Sounds too easy? Right, there are several catches.

  • Every time your vehicle gets destroyed, that vehicle will not be available for this event any more until its end (you’ll only be able to use the vehicles to earn the new Currency in the following rounds of the event)
  • The event is only available for PvP without respawns (Random Battles)

In other words, if you die in every match, you’ll need roughly 50 vehicles (regardless of Tier) to unlock one reward. Higher Tier vehicles will unlock more currency per match (the same way they make more Credits) so owning more of those will give you an advantage. As they get knocked, you’ll be forced to resort to lower Tier vehicles.

And that’s pretty much it. To survive throughout the event and unlock most, let alone all prizes, you’ll need a large amount of tanks and a high survival rate.

What do you think about this idea? Good? Bad? Ugly? Let us know in the form below, please, we’ll be sure to take your feedback into account:


See you on the battlefield!

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