December with Armored Warfare


To celebrate the last month of the year and the upcoming holiday season, Obsidian Entertainment and have prepared series of bonuses and discounts that will be unveiled throughout the month, with the first stage beginning tomorrow!

  • From the 4th of December to the 3rd of January, players will receive 200 percent reputation bonus for their first victory of the day for each vehicle
  • From the 4th of December to the 6th of December, players will receive a 25 percent discount on Global Reputation conversion

We hope you will enjoy these bonuses, because we are just getting started - and don't forget the second round of the Black Friday Lottery, running from the 4th of December to the 6th of December!


Converting and Using Global Reputation

Reputation collected by Renowned vehicles (vehicles with fully unlocked progression, also known as Locked Reputation) can be converted to Global Reputation that is not bound to one particular vehicle and can be used to unlock modules or even tanks without restrictions. The current amounts of Locked and Global Reputation can be seen in the garage screen in the upper right corner (Locked Reputation on the left, Global Reputation on the right). The displayed Locked Reputation number represents the sum of all the Locked Reputation acquired, regardless of which vehicle you have selected.


To convert the Locked Reputation to Global Reputation, all you have to do is click the reputation counter that turns into the "Convert" button upon mouseover.


A window will appear where the Locked Reputation can be converted into Global Reputation. By clicking on the arrows, you can adjust the amount of Locked Reputation to be converted. Each 125 points of Locked Reputation cost 1 Gold to convert, but during this upcoming weekend the price will be reduced by 25 percent. After inserting the desired amount of Locked Reputation to be converted, press the highlighted Convert button to finalize the conversion.


When unlocking modules, Global Reputation is only used if the amount of Vehicle Reputation collected by playing the vehicle is not sufficient enough to unlock the desired module. In such cases the game will ask for confirmation whether you really want to use Global Reputation.


Please note that spent Global Reputation counts towards vehicle progress (the amount of reputation needed to unlock the next tier vehicle) and for Proven vehicles (with 50 percent of progression bar unlocked) it can also be used to unlock the rest of the progression to next tier by clicking on the Progression Bar.

We sincerely hope you enjoy these December bonuses and discounts we have prepared for you. See you on the battlefield!

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