Contest: Spirithaven Speedrun


The complete Spirithaven Special Operation has been around for a while now with players mastering all of its aspects in order to obtain the achievement prizes. However, now’s your chance to show how good have you really become – welcome to the Spirithaven Speedrun contest!


As its name suggests, the goal is actually very simple – gather a full team of five players and beat the Spirithaven Special Operation missions on the Extreme difficulty (using Tier 9 or Tier 10 vehicles) as fast as you can.

Here’s how you can participate:

  • Assemble a team of five players (you included and form a platoon)
  • Play the Spirithaven Special Operation and record your time until May 17, 23:59 CEST
  • Submit the result (along with a replay of your attempt) to the dedicated contest channel on Discord (make sure you read the detailed rules below)

There will be four winning teams in this event (one per each of four Spirithaven missions). Each winning team will receive the following prizes:

  • Type 90 Tier 7 Premium MBT for the entire team (or its price in Gold)
  • Access to the upcoming Enigma’s Legacy Battle Path for the entire team

Please note:

  • Only one submission per team and per mission will be accepted (one team can therefore submit up to four results, one per each Spirithaven mission)
  • Team composition cannot change and are considered locked from the moment of the first submission
  • Any changes in composition of a locked team will lead to the affected submissions being disqualified (if a team submits the first result and then replaces one team member and submits another one, only the first submission will be accepted)
  • Individual players who are already locked in one team cannot participate in this contest as a part of another team, such an attempt will lead to the entire new team’s disqualification (when in doubt, team leaders are advised to make sure their members are not locked with another team already by checking the previous submissions)
  • Each team must choose a name and elect its leader, who will be responsible for submitting any results (submissions from other team members will not be accepted) with the first submission defining both and any other submissions having to include them
  • Each submission must therefore include: Team Name, Team Leader Name, Team Members, Result Screenshot, Result Replay (from any of the team’s members)
  • Should two or more teams achieve the same time, the earliest submission takes precedence
  • One team can only win in one category
  • All submitted battles must take place between the publication of this article and May 17, 23:59 CEST

Good luck, commanders, and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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