Contest: Medal Collector


There are some truly remarkable feats that you can achieve in Armored Warfare, but few are more difficult than obtaining one of the Epic Medals in the Random Battles game mode. Today, we celebrate your skill and resourcefulness by giving you the opportunity to show to other players what you are capable of in our newest contest.


The rules are very simple. The following Epic Medals are obtainable in the game:

  • Scout's Crest
  • Steel Eagle
  • Hero's Crest
  • Steel Sword
  • Bronze Sword
  • Golden Sword
  • Iron Dragon
  • Order of Resistance
  • Order of the Captor
  • Order of Valor
  • Iron Hawk
  • Order of Courage
  • Steel Wings

Be the first to obtain one of these medals in the Random Battles (PvP) using a Tier 7 vehicle or higher and post the screenshot of your achievement to our dedicated Discord channel to obtain:

  • Type 90 Tier 7 Premium Main Battle Tank (or its price in Gold if you have it already)
  • 2.500 Gold

The contest ends either on May 30, 2020, or when all the available Epic Medals are submitted.

Please note:

  • Only one submission per player is accepted, one player cannot therefore win more than once
  • All submissions must be from battles taking place after the launch of this contest and using a Tier 7 or higher vehicle
  • All submissions must be from the Random Battles mode (some Epic Medals can be completed in Global Operations, GLOPS results, however, do NOT count)
  • Each submission must include: Player Name, Epic Medal Name, Result Screenshot

Good luck, commanders, and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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