Community Interview: CrisURace

CrisURace is a Romanian Armored Warfare YouTuber and Streamer in the English speaking community and we are delighted that she accepted our invitation for an interview!

Who’s CrisURace? Please introduce yourself!

The CrisURace nickname reflects what I love to do in real life besides streaming – motorcycle racing. So yes, I am Cristina Udrescu from Romania and I love road racing. I am also a fan of photography and airshow videos, all of which you can see on my Youtube channel!

How and when did you start playing Armored Warfare?

It was back in 2015, in September and The_Dorel told me about the game that he got into in Closed Beta. He helped me to try it and we had tons of fun.

How has your experience in the Open Beta phase been so far?

Open beta is great fun, everyone should try it. Actually, live server is fine from my perspective. The problem was always Tier 9 and Tier 10. They felt rushed.

What are your favorite vehicles and maps in Armored Warfare?

I love the Zhalo-S, it's amazing. I also like the AMX-10P PAC 90, AMX RCR, Leopard 2A7. The Sphinx is a lot of fun, especially in Global Operations.

What's your most anticipated feature or improvement to Armored Warfare?

I'd love to see "battalion battles" as soon as possible and I would like for Global Operations to have more maps available and more random secondary objectives. I am also not a fan of bots in Global Operations, they don't even give you Reputation for the damage you do to them and they are a nuisance a lot of times.

How do you like the Armored Warfare community so far?

The community is awesome, at least on my stream, all people there are good people and can't wait to meet them during my eventual visit to the Bovington event in June.

Is there something you would improve?

I'm really happy arty got removed and it's kept only for PvE, I found it a bad "reminiscence" from the other game.

Where can players find your content?

Thanks for asking, well people can see me here on my Youtube channel and on my Twitch channel where I stream.

Last but not least, is there anything you'd like to tell the Armored Warfare players?

Guys, let's see the full half of the glass and enjoy the game as it is. Games are here to make us happy. When you have a bad day, just stop, try some PVE or Global Operations. That's the beauty of this game, it has some modes to choose from. Be safe, be happy, live in the present and see you on the battlefield!

Don't forget to visit and subscribe to CrisURace's YouTube channel!

We hope you've enjoyed this interview and see you on the battleground!

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