Celebrating Russian Unity Day


On November 4, Russia celebrates the Unity Day. The Unity Day is one of the more important holidays of Russia, celebrating the uprising that became the definitive turning point in the Polish-Muscovite war of 1612. Today, we’d like to commemorate the anniversary and the holiday with a gift!


First and foremost, the 25% Credit income bonus is now available until November 9, 2023. Additionally, a gift is available at the Market, containing the following items:

  • Decal: Shield of Pozharsky
  • 1 day of Premium Time
  • Battle Coin boost token

The gift can be picked up in the Chest tab of Armored Warfare’s Market section available via the game’s launcher.

Clicking the link below will open the game’s launcher. Please select the Market option on the left, select Armored Warfare and then the Chest section to access this offer.


See you on the battlefield!

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