Balance 2.0 PTS – Round 3


We would like to invite you to Balance 2.0 Testing – Round 3. Help us improve Armored Warfare by participating in the upcoming Update 0.19 test taking place from March 16 to March 19!

During this Public Testing session, you will have the opportunity to take a look at the upcoming set of Balance 2.0 changes and submit your feedback in a dedicated section on the Armored Warfare forums in constructive manner.

All tiers will be available during this test. The Public Test Server will be available each day during the following times:

  • 18:00 to 23:00 CET
  • 6 PM to 11 PM PDT

Please note that the server may open with a delay on March 16. The list of changes compared to the previous Balance 2.0 test includes:

For more information about these changes, please visit our previous Balance 2.0 Upcoming Changes article.

Balance 2.0

Balance 2.0 is a catch-all for a set of changes coming to Armored Warfare in Update 0.19 that are necessary to solve the challenges facing high Tier gameplay, and to alleviate the power creep between tiers throughout the game. Another major part of Balance 2.0 is the reevaluation of every core gameplay mechanic, including damage mechanics, class abilities, retrofits, upgrades, and crew skills, with the purpose of ensuring these mechanics are working cohesively to deliver balanced and exciting gameplay as we intend.

Learn more about Balance 2.0 in our dedicated section.

Accessing Public Test Server

To access the Public Test Server (PTS), player must download a special Public Test Server Client.


To install the Public Test Server client, please follow these instructions:

  • Open the Game Launcher
  • Click on the Game Directory (Upper Bar)
  • Select the Armored Warfare Public Test Server from the menu
  • Press the Download button on the Public Test Server Game Center page
  • Select the HD or the SD client
  • Wait for installation to finish

Please note:

  • The Public Test Server is located in Europe, players from the North American Server may experience increased latency
  • PvE mode will be disabled during this test

We hope that you will enjoy this opportunity and will help us making Armored Warfare a better game.

We are eagerly waiting for your feedback and will see you on the battlefield!

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