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We're pleased to announce that we've chosen the top 10 taglines from the hundreds you all submitted! We'll be contacting the 10 finalists privately, and they'll all win early access, but it still remains to be seen which will win the top prizes!

Here's where you all come in. Vote in the poll and let us know which of the taglines is your favorite! You can vote for as many of the taglines as you like. On Wednesday, the 15th of April, we'll announce the final winning lineup!

Top 10

  • AirBoX - Armored Warfare: Where Modern Warfare Begins
  • Tovarish Tony - Armored Warfare: The Next Generation of Tank Warfare
  • EvyL - Armored Warfare: Rise of the PMC's
  • lingo7594 - Armored Warfare: The Future of Online Tank Combat is Now
  • Magnus Ductor - Armored Warfare: Welcome to the Next Era of Warfare
  • Alex Lee - Armored Warfare: Modern Armor for the Modern Gamer
  • Szilard Andras - Armored Warfare: Test your Mettle with Modern Metal
  • Sovngard - Armored Warfare: Réveillez le chef de char qui sommeille en vous ! (Wake The Tank Commander Inside You!)
  • Krco_SK - Armored Warfare: It´s Just Business
  • the8th_ger - Armored Warfare: Arm Yourself for the Modern War!

Thanks again for all your great submissions! We're looking forward to seeing how the vote turns out!

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