Update 0.42 Now Available


We are happy to announce that the Update 0.42 is now available!


List of Update 0.42 Changes

Battle Coin Token and Booster Changes for Rise of the Dragon

With this update, we are removing the Battle Coin tokens (for the Eclipse Battle Path) and the Battle Path Boost tokens from the Battle Path Shop. Additionally:

  • All Battle Coin tokens for the Eclipse Battle Path that were purchased via the Shop will be removed from player inventory and compensated with the full purchase price in Battle Coins
  • Compensation price is 4000 Battle Coins for the 500 Battle Coin token and 5600 Battle Coins for the 1000 Battle Coin token
  • Battle Coin boosters are not affected, they will stay in your inventory
  • Eclipse Battle Path tokens obtained from weekend Special Operations are not affected either
  • In the future, Battle Path blueprints and blueprint vehicles will only be possible to sell for Credits instead of Battle Coins

These changes are connected to the fact that we have detected abnormal behavior involving these items on such a scale that it prevents us from dealing with it individually. These measures will stay active until the end of the Rise of the Dragon Battle Path.

General Changes

  • Centurion AVRE: Switching between the main gun and the machinegun no longer shortens the gun aiming time
  • Centurion AVRE: Fixed the vehicle’s minimum and medium settings model
  • Centurion AVRE now counts as a Special Vehicle for Garage filter purposes
  • Leclerc T4 Rhone-Alpes skin no longer breaks the vehicle’s armor
  • Lynx Skyranger HE shells now detonate correctly above targets, dealing the intended damage
  • Fixed the old Perihelion avatars
  • Fixed an issue with environmental sounds in Garage playing when not intended
  • Fixed several smaller visual issues
  • Fixed several smaller localization issues
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