Update 0.40.1 Now Available


We are happy to announce that the Update 0.40.1 is now available!

List of Update 0.40.1 Changes

British Contract

The British Contract is now available. This multi-month contract features the Centurion AVRE Tier 8 Premium Main Battle Tank as its main prize in addition to the British Loot Crate available for the following stages as usual. Aside from some additional content of the British Loot Crate, no changes were made to the contract itself. You can read about the Centurion AVRE in our dedicated article.

General Changes

  • Wages of Sin: Fixed an issue not allowing players to respawn correctly
  • Wages of Sin: Fixed an issue with missing map borders in the E5 area
  • Wages of Sin: Fixed numerous texture issues (flickering, incorrect texture resolution etc.)
  • Wages of Sin: Fixed several places where players could get stuck
  • T-55: Returned the missing laser rangefinder
  • T-72 M1R skin: Fixed the missing antenna and other details
  • VN17: This vehicle now has an unmanned turret that takes reduced damage
  • ZBD-04A: It now takes only 1s to switch between 100mm gun shells
  • ZTL-11: Reduced the gun recoil so that it no longer interrupts a running Active Ability
  • ZTZ-20: Reduced the lower frontal plate armor thickness against HEAT shells (the armor remains very resistant to kinetic shells)
  • ZTZ-20: Noticeably reduced the durability of NERA segments
  • ZTZ-20: Reduced the time it takes to switch to White Phosphorus ATGMs from 5s to 0.5s
  • Fixed an issue causing the game to crash
  • Fixed several smaller visual issues
  • Fixed several smaller localization issues
  • Added numerous new assets for future events
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