Update 0.38.9237 Now Available


We are happy to announce that the Update 0.38.9237 is now available!


List of Update 0.38.9237 Changes

  • Rank 42 of the Rise of the Dragon Battle Path now correctly awards a base paint (and the players who unlocked it already have received the correct reward)
  • Chinese camouflages awarded for chain mission completion now correctly issue 7.500 Battle Coins in compensation if you have them already
  • Fixed the icons of various Battle Path assets
  • K1A1 ROK skin: Turret machine gun ammo bag is no longer flying in the air
  • VN17: Gun no longer clips into the hull
  • VN17: Fixed the excessive 30mm cannon recoil
  • VN17: Fixed the delayed gun animation
  • ZBD-04A: Gun no longer clips into the hull
  • ZTL-11: The turret now correctly interacts with the environment
  • ZTL-11: The alternative 125mm gun now has a correct visual model
  • ZTL-11: Fixed the incorrectly appearing tech tree
  • ZTZ-20: White Phosphorus missiles now correctly explode above targets
  • ZTZ-20: Added the correct visual effect of WP missile explosion
  • ZTZ-20 no longer features the Complete Smoke Cover trait
  • Fixed an issue where some flags and decals were incorrectly available to the public
  • Battle Path Shop now features correct tokens for the next Battle Path
  • Fixed the incorrect localization of Battle Coin tokens
  • Fixed some other smaller localization issues
  • Fixed some smaller visual model issues

See you on the battlefield!

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