Update 0.37 “Seal of Frost” is now available!


The Apocalypse season concludes with the fourth and final major content pack, Update 0.37 “Seal of Frost”

Here’s what you can look forward to right now:

Special Operation “Death”

The fourth and final mission of the Apocalypse Special Operation awaits you in this update.


The mission of the Apocalypse arc takes place in Batumi, a city that froze over following the supervolcano explosion, which took place at the end of the Spirithaven arc. In it, Igor Kopylov and Ivo Rinaldi encounter another person from Rinaldi’s dark past.


In this mission, your squad will be separated into two teams that have to cooperate with each other to survive. Coordination is the key to success, making this mission easy to learn but difficult to master. As usual, this mission comes with its own set of new achievements and rewards.


As an additional feature, any player who completed at least one Apocalypse Special Operation (that is, Plague, War and Famine) in the past will have immediate access to the “Death” Special Operation.

New Contract

Update 0.37 “Seal of Frost” is also bringing a new Contract with a special new reward – the Argentinian TAM 2IP Tier 7 Premium Light Tank replacing the T-90A Burlak.


This Light Tank will come with a brand-new special ability called Laser Lock, significantly increasing your accuracy over a short period of time. On the downside, activating this ability will make the TAM 2IP illuminate its target with a laser visible to all players on the battlefield even if you aren’t spotted. You can read more about it in our dedicated article.


However, please note that the new contract will not be available upon delay. For the sake of quality, we have decided to prolong the Burlak contract for a few more days to ensure the vehicle will reach you properly tested and balanced as well as to give you some more time to finish your older contract. The TAM 2IP contract will launch after September 30, 2021.

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Further Season Plans

Update 0.37 will be available at least until December and we have plenty of extra content prepared for you to enjoy during the upcoming months. These include:

  • Tier 1 to 6 balance overhaul that we’ll tell you more about in the near future
  • More Storyline Campaign missions (learn more)
  • Riders on the Storm – special anniversary Vietnam War-themed event with a Premium vehicle (M60A3 SLEP MBT) as one of its prizes, launching on September 29, 2021
  • Brand-new MPF Light Tank Tier 10 Premium LT (learn more about it in our dedicated article)
  • New Raid event with a set of high-tech sci-fi skins for your favorite high-Tier vehicles along with new mechanics (coming in late October)
  • Further events, improvements and fixes

You can read more about the contents of Update 0.37 “Seal of Frost” below:

List of Update 0.37 Changes

Gameplay Mechanics

General Changes

  • Added the option to view skins on vehicles that aren't purchased yet (this can be done via a context menu button)
  • Reload time bonuses now properly influence the reload time between shell types (for vehicles that do not have the instant shell type switch feature available)
  • Changed the top-down ATGM mechanics so that their launches result in less no-damage results (they become more reliable)


Challenger Series

We have adjusted the side armor of the Challenger series again, this time reducing to a half of the buffed value. During the last round of buffs, we might have overdone it a bit, making the Challenger flanks completely impervious to incoming ATGM fire. This is not the intended state. Instead, the flanks should be penetrable by ATGMs of the same Tier when fired at without any angling and that's how it's going to be with the abovementioned change in place.

General Changes

  • Improved the appearance of all wheels of wheeled vehicles in the game
  • Fixed a number of small model issues

Abrams AGDS

  • Increased the ATGMs carried from 24 to 36

BM Oplot

  • Fixed this vehicle's collision model (the issue that allows other vehicles to drive under it, lifting it in the air)

Ramka-99, BMPT Mod.2017, BMPT Mod.2000

  • Fixed the cage armor areas to work correctly as cage armor

BMPT-72 Hades

  • Added the Supercharged Soft-Kill APS ability to match that of the progression BMPT-72

CV90 Mk.IV

  • Added a turret ring to the armor model
  • Fixed some smaller texture issues

CV90105 TML

  • Fixed an issue where the aiming point wouldn't match the actual impact point with the turret facing backwards

Griffin 50mm

  • Renamed the TACTO module to ATCS (Active Thermal Cloaking System), the functionality remains the same


  • Increased the ammo carried from 36 to 44

Leopard 2A6

  • Improved the overall visual quality of this vehicle's model, including its textures
  • Fixed a number of small visual issues
  • Fixed the turret's collision model so that it no longer interferes with environmental objects
  • Adjusted the decal positions so that it no longer interferes with some skins


  • Returned the fourth unlockable Reputation module to this vehicle's Upgrade section

M48 GAU-8

  • Improved the overall visual quality of this vehicle's model, including its textures


  • This vehicle now has working reverse lights

Object 195

  • Updated this vehicle's mobility model so that it no longer feels like a bouncy ball when driving over obstacles. Instead, it now feels heavier, losing more speed when turning with a slight tendency towards oversteer


  • Renamed the ADAPTIV module to ATCS (Active Thermal Cloaking System), the functionality remains the same


  • The alternative cannon now has a machinegun available with it

RST-V Shadow

  • Fixed the incorrect reload time displayed in the vehicle's characteristics


  • Improved the overall visual quality of this vehicle's model, including its textures

Strv 2000

  • Fixed the aiming issue with both weapons' aiming points being switched


  • Fixed a number of small visual issues
  • Fixed the closed optics on the Metal Rat skin

Type 10 Hitomaru

  • Activating the Dynamic Suspension feature now lowers the tank considerably more than before

Player versus Player

  • River Point: Fixed an issue where the grass appeared too bright

Global Operations

  • Desert Crossing: Fixed some map models that disappeared in a recent update
  • Desert Crossing: Fixed this map's lighting (including the sandstorm phase)
  • Waterway: Fixed the collision model of several towers on the map

Player versus Environment

New Special Operation

In this Update, we are rolling out a new Special Operation called Death, along with several achievements, including:

  • Death
  • Frozen Vehicles
  • Frozen Madness
  • Guardian Angel
  • Battering Ram
  • Class-specific achievements as usual

You can read more about this Special Operation in our dedicated article. Additionally, we've changed the Garage look to meet the new Special Operation. Please note that we've also put a new mechanic in place – if you played any of the previous three "Apocalypse" Special Operation missions (Plague, War and Famine), you can skip to "Death" immediately.

General Changes

  • Fixed an issue where the intended amount of AI vehicles wouldn't sometimes spawn
  • PL-01 will no longer appear both in PvE and in Special Operations as an AI lieutenant
  • Cerberus: Fixed an issue with some Lieutenants not spawning correctly
  • Desert Fox: Fixed an issues where enemy snipers appeared to be flying in the air
  • Desert Path: Fixed an issue where AI vehicles would sometimes get stuck on some objects in the port area
  • Desert Viper: Fixed an issues where enemy snipers appeared to be flying in the air
  • Dire Wolf: Fixed an issue where AI vehicles sometimes wouldn't drive towards the first objective
  • Watchdog: Removed the 0/1 tags from optional objectives
  • Special Operation "Famine": Fixed the warship's collision model so you do not get stuck anymore

User Interface

  • The announcement about your crews achieving new levels no longer appears in the Debriefing window if your vehicle already has Level 5 crews
  • Added a new setting allowing you to choose the maximum dirt amount on your vehicle in battles
  • Fixed an issue where your avatar wouldn't change in the Chat window if you changed it with the window open
  • Improved the event UI by highlighting the uncompleted stage rewards
  • Fixed several smaller UI issues

Issues and Corrections

  • Fixed an issue where assist damage when it's your infantry that's doing the spotting wouldn't count towards assist damage contract missions and other such objectives
  • Fixed an issue on several maps where normal trees would have ash and cinder falling from them. This effect is now only used on trees that are actually on fire
  • Fixed an issue where player vehicles would disappear and appear again during Special Operations countdown
  • Fixed an issue with the broken collision model of some objects on various maps (for example the Zubr landing craft in the last mission of the Caribbean Crisis Special Operation)
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles could show an incorrect Mastery Flag
  • Fixed an issue where your crew sometimes wouldn't inform you if your APS got destroyed or repaired
  • Fixed the low-res texture of the city gate on the Garage and on the Famine map
  • Fixed the appearance of rain on water on some maps
  • Fixed some smaller issues with Sniper's animations
  • Fixed a number of small visual issues
  • Fixed several issues causing the game to crash

See you on the battlefield!

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