Update 0.15: FV433 Abbot Changes

Update 0.15 is bringing a number of features and changes. One of the most interesting ones is the overhaul of the Premium Tier 3 FV433 “Abbot” Self-Propelled Gun.


In Update 0.15, the FV433 “Abbot” will be split into two vehicles:

  • Tier 3 Premium “Abbot VE”
  • Tier 4 Premium “Abbot”

The VE (stands for “Value Engineered”) is an export version without some of the advanced features of the original FV433 Abbot such as the NBC protection equipment, flotation screens, powered gun operation or communications. It will retain the original characteristics of the Abbot, whereas the Abbot itself will be rebalanced for Tier 4 by improving its characteristics.

Players who own the Abbot by the time Update 0.15 reaches live servers will not only get their Abbots upgraded to Tier 4, but will also receive the Abbot VE for free.

Please note:

  • Tier 3 Premium Abbot VE will not be sold or given out in the future, the only way to obtain it will be during the Update 0.15 launch
  • Additional details about the change (regarding Abbot retrofits, crews and consumables) will be published during the Update 0.15 launch

We hope you will enjoy this gift and will see you on the battlefield!

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