Update 0.14 Preview

Obsidian Entertainment and are proud to introduce the first preview of the newest addition to Armored Warfare - Update 0.14!

Update 0.14 does bring several major features that include:

  • A new PvP map Highwall
  • Three new PvE Missions (Albatross, Cerberus, Frostbite)
  • Light Tank and Tank Destroyer penetration overhaul
  • High Tier Gameplay Changes
  • Replay System
  • Social Network sharing

Apart from the new features, a large number of game corrections including but not limited to vehicle performance adjustments, map balance and critical issue fixes were implemented as well.

New Features

Highwall Map

The land here has been mostly cleared of forest, making room for a small industrial infrastructure that has grown over time. Machinery and heavy equipment dot the landscape, precariously perched at the edge of open quarries in order to harvest rich gold veins, manganese, and uranium ore deposits. As a result of the industrial boom, various armies, rebel groups, and outside actors have been attracted to the area for its natural resources. Perilous routes above man-made pits and staggered hills present unique and interesting terrain obstacles for you to cross, with a number of winding paths that will allow you to take up strategic positions to destroy your enemies from above before swooping down to take the area for yourself!


Highwall spans 1200 x 1200 meters in size and takes place completely within an industrial strip mine. The map features multiple pathways set at varying elevations similar to those seen in real life mining operations, creating a mix of both short and long range engagements opportunities. The routes presented in Highwall often have diverging paths - opening up key opportunities for players to flank their enemies and overrun a route from several directions.


Three new PvE Missions

  • Operation: Albatross - prepare to traverse a treacherous road that leads high into the mountains in Operation: Albatross. A remote airstrip occupies the only open spot in an otherwise endless forest, making it a prime location to discreetly ship supplies in and out. You must stop encroaching forces that are trying to take over the location and gain control of the airstrip
  • Operation: Cerberus - a train hauling a critical munitions shipment has been interrupted and overrun by an elite strike team. It's up to you to destroy the invading squadron and do what is necessary to ensure the munitions don't fall into the wrong hands
  • Operation: Frostbite - it's a risky proposition to brave a blizzard in an armored vehicle, but somebody's got to do it. In Operation: Frostbite, you'll find yourself amidst wooded hills that contain a valuable asset; a large oil refinery, the only one of its kind in the region, standing unguarded at the center of the forest. You must defend against invading forces to protect the refinery and its nearby derricks before the resources are lost for good


Light Tank and Tank Destroyer penetration overhaul

As one of the steps toward improving our Tier 6+ gameplay, we're increasing the penetration values of Tier 6+ LTs and TDs that are currently below average. In some select cases, we'll also be improving penetration for TDs that are already in average ranges, but might need some extra punch to fit the TD role.


High Tier Gameplay Changes

To reduce the unpopular elements of high-tier gameplay, we have decided to introduce numerous additional changes that will mostly concern Main Battle Tank players. The full extent of these changes will be announced with the Update 0.14 release.

Replay System

We have implemented initial support for players to record videos of their matches so they can replay, review, and relive their past matches and greatest moments! Playing a recording of a match will allow players to view everything from the perspective of the replay creator. Players can pause, play or stop their recording, as well as increase or decrease the speed at which they want the match to replay. Additionally, players can spectate specific vehicles or seamlessly switch into a free-cam observer mode.


Social Network Sharing

You can now take and share your Armored Warfare screenshots on social media through the new social sharing interface.

Full list of changes will be available as the update nears its release. We hope you will enjoy these new features and see you on the battlefield!

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