Update 0.13 Preview

Obsidian Entertainment and are proud to introduce the first preview of the newest addition to Armored Warfare - Update 0.13.

Update 0.13 does bring several major features that include:

  • Third Dealer Zhang Feng with 7 new Chinese MBTs
  • New Coastal Threat PvP map
  • PvE and PvP Reward System overhaul
  • Matchmaker 2.0
  • Retrofit System changes
  • Component & Crew Damage Adjustments

Apart from the new features, a large number of game corrections including but not limited to vehicle performance adjustments, map balance and critical issue fixes was implemented as well.

New Features

Third Dealer Zhang Feng with 7 new Chinese MBTs

In 0.13 we've introduced our newest dealer, Zhang Feng! Originating from China, Zhang showed a knack for working with technology and electronics from childhood on. Later in life, he ended up graduating from BIT's School of Materials Science & Engineering, before working with a handful of classmates to build a military technology business, where he took a position as head researcher. To begin with, Feng is offering 7 new Chinese vehicles to players with more nations to come!

  • Type 59 (Tier 3)
  • Type 69-II (Tier 4)
  • Type 80-II (Tier 5)
  • Type 85-IIM (Tier 6)
  • Type 90-II (Tier 7)
  • Type 98 (Tier 8)
  • WZ-1224 (Tier 5 Premium)

To unlock Feng's new line of vehicles, players must deal a set amount of damage to either PvP or PvE enemies while within 150 meters of another friendly vehicle.


Alternatively, players can purchase the WZ-1224 which automatically unlocks the Type 59. Feng is said to have more vehicle lines from other well-known nations set to arrive in the coming future.

Coastal Threat Map

An otherwise peaceful town on the Mediterranean coastline has just seen the first glimmers of global conflict; destruction and devastation is left in the wake of armored combatants launching a siege on the area in order to take hold of its natural resources. With a forest burning at your back and wreckage to navigate in the tight urban sprawl, you must choose to traverse the city's broken streets or wide-open spaces of the docks to annihilate your enemies.


Coastal Threat spans 1200 x 1200 meters in size and is roughly comprised of one third urban areas intermixed with rolling terrain. While designed to offer players several different sections for head on engagements, Coastal Threat primarily focuses on mixed movement - enabling players to find plenty of routes to flank enemies or set up ambushes.

PvE and PvP Reward System Overhaul

The PvE reward system was significantly changed and the PvE rewards were increased overall. Additionally, PvP reputation income was increased by approximately 10 percent. Find out more in the detailed article.

Matchmaker 2.0

We've updated our matchmaking system to provide an overall better experience to players looking for more balanced matches. Previously, players would often find themselves placed against full platoons in higher-tiered vehicles without an equal number of equivalently tiered vehicles on their team.


Platoons will now be matched against equally tiered platoons or players who match the top tier in the platoon. For example, a platoon of 3 tier 8s can only get into a match if the match has three other tier 8s (platooned or not). Artillery is also more strictly matched so their tiers are balanced between the teams. While this means platoons will sometimes have to wait longer for a match, solo-queue players should now find themselves in matches with other similarly-tiered players and a balanced number of platoons.Additionally, solo-queue players should also find it easier to get into a match, even at higher tiers.

Finally, the introduction of Matchmaker 2.0 also brings with it new server-side controls which allow us to more easily tweak the matchmaking settings based on individual region needs.

Retrofit and Commander Changes

Retrofits and commanders previously unlocked by progressing through the Artillery line of vehicles have been duplicated to other vehicles.


The Magnetic Actuator Retrofits can now be unlocked on the following vehicles:

  • LAV-300 (Mk. 1)
  • B1 Centauro (MK. 2)
  • M1128 MGS (Mk. 3)

The Gyroscopic Stabilizer Retrofits can now be unlocked on the following vehicles:

  • M551 Sheridan (Mk.1)
  • Stingray 1 (Mk. 2)
  • XM8 (Mk.3)

The commander Freya Højbjerg can now also be unlocked on the BMD-1 and the commander Juan Carlos Miramon can now also be unlocked on the Swingfire.


Component & Crew Damage Adjustments

  • Reducing saved component damage percentage from 50% to 30%. However, components will now take less damage if their saving throws succeed
  • Saving throws have gone up for all components. All components got a 5% increase except for crew and gas tanks, which got a 10% increase. It will be harder to deal maximum damage to these components
  • Hit points have been slightly increased for all components, except for treads, which now take 2 critical hit shots to destroy
  • Repair speed has been increased for tracks and engines. Tracks now repair in 6 seconds, engines in 7 seconds
  • Destroying an external gas tank now has a 35% chance to start a fire on the vehicle
  • Destroying an external gas tank now also causes a 5% penalty to vehicle traverse speed
  • While the external gas tank is in the destroyed state, there is a 15% greater chance the engine could catch fire if it is shot
  • Fire damage to internal components has been slightly decreased. Fewer components should now enter the damaged state after a fire starts

Full list of changes will be available soon. We hope you will enjoy these new features and see you on the battlefield!

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