Tier 10 in Numbers

With the introduction of Tier 10 vehicles, update 0.15 brought one of the biggest changes to Armored Warfare since the Early Access phase. Now that some time has passed, the developers can evaluative initial results and, where necessary, plan the first adjustments to the highest tiers, based on vehicle statistics.


We would like to share some of the initial results and some of our plans for the future for these high tier vehicles. The following data examples are based on Russian server PvP statistics to ensure the statistical sample is large enough.


One of the most basic indicators of vehicle performance is its winrate – the percentage of victorious battles.

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Vehicle Name Winrate (Overall)
Armata 49.07%
Challenger 2 ATDU 52.38%
XM1A3 49.07%
Leopard 2A7-140 50.94%
PL-01 50.05%
SPHINX 49.99%

For comparison, the percentage of victorious battles of skilled players (55% Winrate):

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Vehicle Name Winrate (Skilled)
Armata 55.80%
Challenger 2 ATDU 57.19%
XM1A3 54.55%
Leopard 2A7-140 56.85%
PL-01 54.57%
SPHINX 53.62%

The Challenger 2 ATDU is generally the best performing Tier 10 vehicle, followed by the Leopard. However, the Abrams and the Armata, on the other hand, are underperforming somewhat – for the Armata, this number is influenced by the fact it is by far the most popular vehicle on the Russian server (over 50% of all Tier 10s are Armatas). In experienced hands, the Armata no longer lags behind.


Firepower statistics generally reflect the role of each Tier 10 on the battlefield.

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Vehicle Name Avg. Damage per Battle Avg. Kills per Battle % of Shells Doing Damage
Armata 3109 0.79 27.41%
Challenger 2 ATDU 3049 0.92 22.61%
XM1A3 2940 0.79 24.60%
Leopard 2A7-140 2919 0.93 22.66%
PL-01 2900 0.92 33.43%
SPHINX 2349 0.89 32.42%

The Armata as a "damage dealer" vehicle deals the most average damage per battle, but (along with the XM1A3) has the lowest kill per battle ratio of all Tier 10s. The lighter vehicles (PL-01 and SPHINX) are dealing less damage than their heavily armored counterparts.


Vehicle protection is not just about the armor protection itself, but also about general survival on the modern battlefield.

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Vehicle Name % of Battles Survived % of Shells stopped by Armor % of Shells stopped (AP) % of Shells stopped (HEAT) % of Shells stopped (HE)
Armata 29.07% 76.07% 63.74% 80.73% 85.64%
Challenger 2 ATDU 35.12% 78.71% 67.59% 75.42% 71.66%
XM1A3 28.24% 73.73% 60.08% 75.02% 74.98%
Leopard 2A7-140 32.00% 76.95% 62.20% 78.30% 83.41%
PL-01 31.20% 71.67% 50.26% 68.33% 71.56%
SPHINX 27.79% 64.14% 37.98% 47.15% 62.85%

Unsurprisingly, the Challenger 2 ATDU offers the best protection of all the Tier 10s. Its armor is massively thick and certainly not easy to penetrate. The Armata also offers solid protection – it has the best results against HEAT rounds thanks to large areas of its hull being covered by explosive reactive armor. The XM1A3 Abrams is lagging behind a bit with the lowest survival rate as well as the highest vulnerability to armor-piercing and HEAT rounds among all the Tier 10 MBTs.

Plans for the Future

The first data indicate that out of all the Tier 10s, the Challenger 2 ATDU stands out the most. Its armor will be analyzed and steps may be taken to improve its balance situation by introducing a weakspot, vulnerable only to Tier 10 140mm and 152mm shells. It's also possible that the SPHINX will receive a smaller buff in order to increase its effectiveness on the battlefield. No adjustments are currently planned for the other vehicles, with the exception of correcting issues and bugs, which is a separate matter altogether.

See you on the battlefield!

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