Starter Pack for New Players


Recently, some of you who are new to this game might have noticed a very special offer, tailor-made just for you. It’s available directly within the game by pressing a button, located in the upper left corner of your Garage.


This button will bring you to MY.GAMES Market, where a Starter Pack bundle awaits you. This bundle contains progression vehicles of all five classes but, more importantly, also the access to 30 days of daily rewards that include everything a new Armored Warfare commander needs to start his or her mercenary career – Premium Time, Gold, Credits, Reputation, Premium vehicles and much more.

The first day alone contains no fewer than 30 days of Premium Time and 1.500 Gold along with a hefty chunk of Reputation. You can read more about boosting your progress in Armored Warfare in our dedicated article.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

Please note that this offer is only available to new accounts (at most, one week old) and contains items that are intended for beginners. Veteran commanders can enjoy our weekly offers instead, which contain items more suitable for high-end experience.

See you on the battlefield!

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