Reputation in Armored Warfare

We have all been in that situation in gaming – a battle on the edge with both sides giving it their best: your score is excellent, you are about to win and then your match gets ruined by a player who suddenly goes away from keyboard and - despite your awesome performance - your team loses, earning you much less in terms of reward than what your performance would warrant.

We at Obsidian Entertainment believe that excellent performance should be rewarded under all circumstances and have tuned our progression system to reflect that opinion. Today we are going to tell you about the basics of the reputation progression.

What is the reputation?

Reputation is the primary progression currency of Armored Warfare. In order to unlock more vehicles and advance to higher tiers, you have to acquire enough reputation points with the vehicles you have. Reputation is not used only to unlock other vehicles, but also additional vehicle modules and upgrades such as the improved engines, guns, ammunition and various elements of technology that enhance your vehicle’s performance.


Reputation is divided into two types. The basic reputation is tied to the vehicle it was earned with and can only be used to unlock that vehicle’s modules or to progress to the next tier. Second type of reputation is called “global reputation” and can be used freely to unlock any vehicle progression. Five percent of each battle’s reputation result is automatically converted to global reputation.

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