Ranked Battles Results – Week 4


The final, fourth week of Battalion Ranked Battles bonus event is over and it's time to recapitulate the results.


The Top 3 Battalions are the same as last week, only their rating changed:

  • First place: Боги_Олимпа ([BAYAN]) – 3.315 rating
  • Second place: Orlandinos Family ([ORL]) – 2.735 rating
  • Third place: PANDEMIC ([PAND]) – 2.173 rating

The members of the Top 3 battalions will be rewarded with 1.000 Gold each.

With this, the Ranked Battles bonus event ends, but the Ranked Battles mode remains available for you to participate in along with its challenges and exciting prizes. Get out there and become members of the best Battalion - the world is yours for the taking!

See you on the battlefield!

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