Ranked Battles Results – Week 1


The Battalion Ranked Battles have begun and it’s time to find out who the last week’s best Battalions of Armored Warfare are.


The first weekend of Ranked Battles was dominated by CIS region battalions:

  • First place: Orlandinos Family ([ORL]) – 1.800 rating
  • Second place: Team Retribution ([RETR]) – 1.477 rating
  • Third place: Боги_Олимпа ([BAYAN]) – 1.402 rating

The highest ranked western battalion is SRY at the fifth place (1.160 rating), followed by HYPE (ranked eighth, 894 rating). The west has some catching up to do – but the battle has only just begun!

The members of the Top 3 battalions will be rewarded with 1.000 Gold each. Will this week’s ranking be any different? We’ll find out next Monday.

See you then!

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