QN-506 Now Available!


We are happy to announce that the QN-506 Tier 9 Chinese Premium Tank Destroyer has been distributed to all the players who purchased it during the pre-order event.


It is a Chinese Terminator-style fire support vehicle with very unique weapon systems – it features three weapons:

  • 30mm autocannon
  • 70mm unguided rockets
  • 151mm guided missiles

This vehicle also has a special active ability – it can launch a recon missile that will fly towards the edge of the map, spotting everything along the way. You can read more about this vehicle in our dedicated article.

Additionally, the following players have won the vehicle during the recent Bounty Hunt and will receive in the near future:

  • serega76f
  • MedweDka
  • Ice-Storme
  • djagerun
  • Ginketsu
  • JohnStriker
  • Кьюливе
  • Snake
  • leon765
  • Раненый_Волк

See you on the battlefield!

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