Public Testing: Catch Bugs, Win Prizes!


The first public test of the Spirithaven season will launch in the near future and we’d like to invite you all to participate in its testing and to give us your feedback via the channels that will be opened along with the PTS launch.

This time, however, we are ready to reward the players who catch the most bugs with special prizes!

It’s simple, really. Here’s how you can participate in the bug catching process and win at the same time:

  • When the PTS launchers, check the Armored Warfare portal post for known issues (make sure you do not report those, they won’t count)
  • The PTS announcement will contain a link to the feedback form used to collect all reports
  • Test the PTS and if you see a bug, report it via the abovementioned form

Players submitting useful reports will be rewarded with 50 Gold per reported issue (up to 350 Gold for 7 valid reports).

The top three reporters (not by amount, but also by quality of reports as determined by the developer team) will be rewarded with the brand-new K21 Tier 8 Premium AFV!

Please note:

  • You do not have to worry if the bug was submitted by someone else, just report all bugs you encounter, your submissions will count even if some other player reported the same thing
  • Quality of reports matters too (we don’t have to stress that a submission worded as “yo K21 broken fix plz” is less valuable than “Tank X has a problem Y, I encountered it at Z, here’s a screenshot”, do we?)
  • Do not report the same thing multiple times (it won’t count for the prize purposes anyway)
  • Do not forget to add your actual in-game name written correctly (if you sign yourself for your reports once as “destro” and the next time as “Destro”, it will appear to us as if those two reports were made by two different people)
  • Did we mention that the quality of reports matters too? It really, really does
  • The reports must be made in English since they’ll be going straight to the developers
  • The rewards will be resolved and sent after the end of 0.31 testing

We’d like to thank you for your help in testing the Spirithaven update and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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