Public Test Server Update

On August 7th, 2015 we have started the global Public Test Server program for all players who either obtained an Early Access code or purchased a Founder's Pack before the end of the Early Access 3 phase of testing.

To those who are eligible - we are sincerely inviting you to test out the newest improvements to Armored Warfare to see for yourselves how the game evolved since the Early Access 3 test phase! We have made significant leaps forward and are pleased to announce that the feedback to this patch so far has been very positive. Naturally we will also strive to improve the game even further based on your feedback!

The Public Test Server is currently running the 0.7 build (the changes in which can be found here).


We are looking forward to your opinions and suggestions - you can share them with us in the dedicated forum section. To continue the development and testing process, we have prepared a new update for the Public Test Server that will be applied to the server today, on 10th of August, 2015.

This update (0.7.1298) will bring the following features:

  • M1A1 - armor adjustments including improved turret armor, removal of weak front armor, upgraded lower glacis, and removal of some incorrect elements.
  • Fixed PvE player strength calculations for all vehicles, ensuring that the enemy encounter system views all tanks at their appropriate tier, this helps ensure that the intended tiers of enemies spawn.
  • Autocannon Accuracy Improvements: With the recent changes to the spotting system, penetration falloff over distance, and autocannon HE round minimum damage values, we've found that autocannon damage dealing capabilities aren't as reliable as we'd like them to be. To improve this, we've increased the accuracy of all autocannons, especially smaller caliber autocannons. This should help players effectively target and hit weak points on enemy vehicles - especially at close to medium engagement ranges.
  • Bug fix for shooter (upon being spotted by the new "render the person shooting at you" system) to continue to be rendered indefinitely.
  • Ammo Cost Reductions: At Tiers 7 and 8, upgraded ammo costs were vastly higher than standard rounds. As a result, players using upgraded ammo could end up losing a significant amount of currency per match even if they performed well. To correct this, we've significantly decreased the cost of upgraded ammunition at Tiers 7 and 8.
  • PvE Reward Tuning: We've done some additional tuning for PvE credit rewards. Mission completion is still the primary means of gaining credits for PvE, but the reward ratio in previous builds was encouraging players to skip objectives and try to finish matches as quickly as possible. We've slightly decreased the reward for mission completion and increased all other rewards. This should result in a slight overall increase in PvE gains for players who complete both the secondary objectives and primary objectives (due to the increase in other rewards), but slightly lower rewards if players skip the secondary objectives and go straight to the primary objective. Reputation rewards are unchanged.
  • Fix for illumination shells detonating past their target location.
  • Fix for matchmaker crash situations
  • Fix for the turret being stuck in one direction for a match.
  • The FV438 Swingfire now has a two missile salvo before reloading. Individual missile damage decreased by about 25%. Salvo reload time increased to 16 seconds.

We hope that you will enjoy the testing - your opinion matters, help us make the game better!

See you on the battlefield!

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