PTS – Update 0.23.4362


From January 19, 2018, you will be able to participate in the public testing phase of Update 0.23.4362 on a special PTS server.

Update 0.23.4362 is bringing a number of improvements and features to the game:

  • Ranked Battles
  • New vehicles (ST1 and Abrams AGDS)
  • Changes to Special Medals
  • A number of fixes and improvements

Self-Propelled Mortars

To this PTS round, we will be introducing a very early variant of a new class called Self-Propelled Mortars that we’ve been working on in order to test the mechanics. Self-Propelled Mortars are close-range indirect fire vehicles, designed to improve gameplay dynamics. For this initial test, we’ll be using a placeholder model – specifically a BMD, cosplaying the Nona-S Tier 8 SPM.

Please note that this feature is in its concept stage and does not mean that the class (or self-propelled guns) will be appearing in the game or in all modes of the game. We are eager to read your feedback regarding the new class – we will evaluate it carefully.

Self-Propelled Mortars will not be introduced in the live version of Update 0.23.4362.

Please note:

The Public Test Server is a special, separate server, running an experimental version of the game with the specific goal of uncovering and resolving this new version’s issues using player feedback.

By entering the server, you acknowledge that the game experience may be diminished by the abovementioned issues as well as downtimes that may occur at any time based on the needs of the testing schedule.

Update 0.23.4362 – Preliminary Patchnotes

Rank Battles

With the launch of this update, we are introducing the new Rank Battle mode. You can read more about it in our preview. More information will be disclosed in a separate article.

New Vehicles

We are introducing the following vehicles:

  • ST1 Tier 8 Progression Tank Destroyer
  • Abrams AGDS Tier 9 Premium Tank Destroyer (reward for the Storyline Campaign)

Changes to Special Medals

We’ve made adjustments to some of the Special Medals currently available in the game to bring them more in line with the level of difficulty they were designed for. As such:

  • Steel Sword will now require 7 to 9 kills (up from 5 to 8)
  • Bronze Sword will now require 10 to 13 kills (up from 9 to 13)
  • Iron Hawk will now require 10 spotted vehicles (up from 9)
  • Iron Dragon will now require a player to deal at least 33 percent the total hitpoints of all enemies (down from 50 percent)

Important Changes and Fixes

  • Fixed a number of game crashes, including the one happening when players attempted to change visual camouflage or when switching the tanks on the carousel
  • Fixed the bugged (too low) PELE round damage for Wilk XC8
  • Fixed the bugged kinetic shells on Type 80-II, ERC 90 and T-80 (their penetration of sloped surfaces was worse than that of other comparable rounds)
  • Fixed the AI opponent ATGM behavior (AI opponents with multiple weapon systems will no longer only fire ATGMs)
  • Fixed the black textures that appeared on multiple maps
  • Fixed the missing platoon icons in battle and on the loading screen
  • Reduced the amount of Reputation required for unlocking Tier 1 vehicle upgrades by 25%
  • Reduced the amount of Reputation required to unlock Tier 2 vehicles to 1200 and Tier 3 vehicles to 6000

Vehicle Changes

  • OT-64A Cobra now has the AFV “Designate Target” active ability
  • Fixed multiple issues in the M1128 Stryker armor model
  • Fixed the Chieftain 900 ammo rack model (previously, the bustle ammo rack was unintentionally missing from the vehicle)
  • Fixed the T-64AV Hunter ammo rack model (a small ammo rack on the left side behind the frontal armor was missing)
  • Fixed the bug that caused WWO Wilk cage armor to not work at all
  • Fixed a bug with the spaced armor of the M8 Buford, causing it to behave incorrectly
  • Fixed the incorrect upgraded side armor of the M8 Thunderbolt II
  • Fixed the bug where the M1A2 SEP V3 Abrams gun breech and loader crewmember modules were missing (making them impossible to knock out)
  • Fixed the turret ring damage model on WWO Wilk
  • Fixed the missing fuel tank module on Challenger 2 after installing the upgraded armor kit
  • Fixed the BMPT-72 autoloader module collision model, causing the autoloader to become damaged even when it shouldn’t have
  • Fixed the incorrect mantlet thickness for Type 85-IIM (the canvas on top of the gun provided protection equivalent to 250mm of armor)

Other Changes

  • Fixed the incorrect PvE Ricochet mission textures and objects appearing on the map
  • Fixed the tutorial access to player’s Dossier
  • Fixed the appearance of Spec Ops achievement icons in Dossier
  • Fixed the incorrect behavior of AI opponents (some of them were “shaking” from left to right while standing on solid ground)
  • Fixed the Roughneck (GLOPS) music score that ended prematurely
  • Fixed the incorrect Wiesel HOT Wolf smoke grenade launcher textures
  • Fixed the smoke and fire effects on ZBL-08
  • Fixed the Dragoon 300 90 headlamps texture
  • Fixed the T92 and T92 ACAV track model
  • Fixed the incorrect FV721 Fox smoke effect
  • Fixed the bugged M108 breech internal module (it wasn’t rotating with the turret)
  • Fixed the bugged visual model for Centauro 120 and Centauro 120 Wolf gun sights
  • Fixed the bugged Black Eagle track model
  • Fixed the bugged BMD-2 and T-80U ammo rack explosion effect, causing the explosion to appear on an incorrect place
  • Fixed the bugged WWO Wilk and BMPT Prototype visual model (camouflage not appearing where it should)
  • Fixed the Chieftain Mk.6 incorrect textures of the backpacks and boxes carried on the turret
  • Fixed the bugged Ramka-99 hull grenade launcher textures
  • Fixed the M48A3 tracks that started to appear completely black on the destroyed vehicle model
  • Fixed the position of commander and gunner sights on the Sabre AFV
  • Fixed the bugged track texture of the Chieftain Mk.2 and the Chieftain Mk.10
  • Fixed the bug where the destroyed model of the Scorpion 90 could be shot through
  • Fixed the bugged track model on the T92 and the T92 ACAV
  • Fixed the missing gun fire flame visual effect on the AMX 10 RCR Bastille Day
  • Fixed the bugged shovel models on many vehicles – the tools (shovels, pickaxes) had incorrect black textures
  • Fixed the broken gun model on the Chieftain Mk.10 destroyed model (the gun was levitating)
  • Fixed the M60A3 ICE physical model (a part of it was missing, making the vehicle impossible to damage when firing at certain spots)
  • Fixed the T-72A roadwheel and drive sprocket textures
  • Fixed the Leopard 2A4 Evolution destroyed vehicle visual model
  • Fixed the visual model holes in the Object 640 turret
  • Fixed the M551 Sheridan incorrect dark textures and icon
  • Fixed the Merkava IID destroyed vehicle model (multiple smaller issues)
  • Fixed the Leopard 2AV China model on lowest details
  • Removed the excessive mud from VBR wheels in the garage
  • Fixed the bug where rotating a camera in first person view on the Swingfire produces a turret rotating sound even though the vehicle has no turret
  • Fixed the BMP-1 missile texture
  • Fixed the incorrect M456A1 HEAT shell icon
  • Fixed the appearance of vehicle models on minimum graphics settings
  • Fixed the appearance of fog when using simplified render
  • Fixed the transition button from Retrofits to Upgrades screens
  • Fixed the Reputation and Global Reputation tooltip to show correct values
  • Fixed the giant rank icon sometimes appearing in the Barracks window
  • Fixed the initial Caribbean Crisis game loading screen not appearing properly
  • Fixed several smaller Garage UI issues like font sizes, layers etc.
  • Added the correct Wildcard voiceovers to all Global Operations maps
  • Fixed the bug where wildcard bombers were bombing a slightly different place than indicated on the minimap
  • Fixed the Type 99A and Type 99A2 gun textures
  • Fixed the T-14 Armata visual gun model
  • Fixed a special sound effect when switching on the night vision mode (on the maps that support it)
  • Fixed the T-62M headlight texture
  • Fixed the Kampfpanzer 70 smoke effect
  • Fixed the bug where M1A1 optics become black after applying any camouflage
  • Ingame premium version of the ZBD-86 no longer appears with level 5 crew upon purchase (this was an unintentional bug)

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