Producer Letter - Moving Forward

This is an exciting time for Armored Warfare. Over the last several months the game has moved from Alpha and completed three Early Access phases of testing. We have also announced the start of Early Access 4 starting in a few weeks.


In between tests we like to evaluate how the progression of the game is evolving and take into consideration the data and feedback you generate by testing the game and creating forum posts. I also like to talk to players in game, on Skype, private messages, Teamspeak, and though other channels to get a well-rounded idea of where we are at the end of each phase. We like much of what we have seen so far but also think there are some areas of improvement to make this process better. You have made many great suggestions and we intend act on them!


Each update has moved the game forward adding new content and features. Core changes have been noticeable, feedback has been useful, and the data gained invaluable. Overall we are very happy with the results and the information gained so far!


We have purposely kept our player count low during these opening tests, as we do not want to introduce too many players to an incomplete game. This has however lead to low player counts during some portions of the test. We have also had long lead times between player feedback, implementation of bug fixes, and balance changes due to the nature of the Early Access process.

Next Steps

We have looked at our options and resources available and have decided to move forward with a new plan that we hope will increase timely feedback and mitigate some of the disadvantages we have encountered so far.

Early Access Server

As you know, Starting on August 13th we will start Early access 4, combining the populations of both servers. This should result in more players online at once and improved matchmaking. This server cluster will be located in the EU.

  • Starts August 13th
  • Server will run 24/7
  • Players from any region will have access
  • All progression from either the EU or NA server up to EA3 will be refunded to the players to be spent in any way they choose
  • Players that have played on both the EU and NA servers will have this progress combined and then refunded.
  • More players will be added to the test though invites, contests, and promotions.

Public Test Server (PTS)

The other exciting news that has not been mentioned so far is we will also be opening a public test server. This server will be available to the most dedicated testers that want to experience the latest raw version of the game and are not afraid of experiencing additional bugs and crashes. scr2

The server will also allow you to leave your feedback as soon as possible and help Obsidian address issues faster. We will provide a separate, additional forum to aid in this effort. This server cluster will be located in the NA.

  • Starts August 7th
  • Will be updated whenever new versions are available
  • Will have limited hours and 2 testing periods each day.


Session 1 6pm-9pm CEST 9am-noon PDT (Noon – 3pm EDT)
Session 2 6pm-9pm PDT (9-midnight EST) 3am-6am CEST

Players from any region will have access if they meet the following requirements:

  • Purchased a founder’s pack or redeemed an early access invite before the end of EA 3 (Early Access 3) (July 26th, 2015)
  • This restrictions will be removed after the start of EA 4
  • Also players MUST download a separate PTS client in the games client to participate in the PTS.

Note: As this server will be running the latest versions of Armored Warfare, you should be aware that you may experience more issues due to there being less testing of these releases. Below are some examples of issues you may encounter:

  • Server downtime
  • Server and client crashes.
  • New bugs
  • Lost progression due to crashes
  • Progression wipes can take place at anytime

Please understand this before participation on the PTS server. You have been warned =)



We are very excited about this new phase of testing and feel this reconfiguration of our available servers will result in a better game at release. We understand that it is not perfect, resulting in higher ping times for some players, as well as some players being unable to participate due to their location on the globe (specifically players in countries west of the United States) However the change in testing will result in a much higher quality Open Beta, when the servers will once again be separated and serve each region as normal.

We look forward to the road ahead, and hope you will join us in the coming months as we close in on our goal. With your continued participation in testing I am confident that we will produce the best armored warfare product available. (pun intended)

Joshua “Jinxx71” Morris Senior Producer,

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