Preview: American Dream


Another season is launching soon and, this time, we’ll be moving from Moscow to what used to be the United States of America, which is why we decided to name it American Dream.


The American Dream season will focus on various U.S.-themed pieces of content, including new vehicles, Special Operation missions and a gorgeous Arizona Garage.

It will also bring major changes to existing mechanics as well as the introduction of new ones. It is no understatement to say that some of this season’s features will change the nature of Armored Warfare gameplay forever, so let’s get to the details.

Here’s what awaits you at the launch of the American Dream season with Update 0.30:

New Vehicles

Oscar Faraday will be receiving a new set of high-Tier progression vehicles, each of them fairly different and with its own unique abilities and play style. These vehicles will be possible to unlock from other dealers’ trees and vehicles. The Update 0.30 launch will include the following machines:

  • Griffin 50mm Tier 8 AFV – unlocked from the Leclerc Prototype, this Griffin will be the heavy IFV version of the program. Gameplay-wise, it will feature a tremendously powerful and accurate automatic cannon, allowing it to snipe at longer distances (learn more about its history)
  • M113 Hellfire Tier 9 TD – unlocked from the Griffin 50mm, this fragile but potent vehicle will feature multiple Hellfire ATGM launchers, allowing it to devastate its targets at long distances (learn more)
  • TTB Tier 9 MBT – unlocked from the M1A2 Abrams, this vehicle represents the future of the Abrams MBT, at least the way the American developers saw it in the 1980s. With its unmanned turret and a plethora of upgrades (including a hydraulic suspension), you will have to see the “what if the Cold War never ended” Abrams future in action (learn more)
  • M48 GAU-8 Tier 10 TD – unlocked from the TTB, this vehicle will feature a brand new mechanic that is coming to Armored Warfare – a rotary cannon. Spin those barrels and let the enemies experience several dozen rounds per second (learn more)


Two more progression vehicles will be arriving at a later date during the season:

  • T249 Vigilante featuring a massive 37mm rotary cannon, unlocked from the Tier 8 BMPT Terminator
  • M8 with LOSAT missiles, featuring new mechanics for hypersonic kinetic ATGMs


Unlike the previous season, however, this one will not feature a new Premium vehicle available for Gold within the game. What it will feature will be new retrofits, camouflages, achievements and a new commander that you are already familiar with – Douglas O’Reilly of the Evocati PMC!

What you might not be familiar with, however, is his commander skillset that will include a new mechanic – the ability to boost the performance of his team mates within a certain radius. We’ll tell you more about Mr. O’Reilly’s very interesting skillset in the future.

American Dream Special Operations

Europe is nearly lost to the mysterious new organization that calls itself Enigma. With its seemingly endless resources, Enigma made itself known during the ill-fated Moscow summit, attacking and defeating the ISD within weeks using previously unseen technologies. Various terrorist groups, lured by the promise of funding, united under its banner, dealing a crippling blow to corporations and forces of order alike.


What little resistance survived the onslaught was forced to hide or flee across the ocean to the lawless territories that used to be a part of the now nearly defunct United States of America only to discover that evil has taken root even in the land of the free.

As Ryan Miller, a former sheriff turned resistance fighter from Arizona, it is up to you to find out more about the mysterious enemy!


Four new Special Operations missions await you, taking place between Enigma’s assault on Salzburg and the Pleternica operation of the Moscow Calling season. Two missions will be available initially at launch with two more coming during the season.

Fresh Contract Mission Campaign

A new Contract Mission campaign awaits you in Update 0.30. Based on your positive feedback, the campaign will feature similar mechanics to the Moscow Calling one, allowing you to obtain the main prize without having to collect Loot Crates or blueprint pieces.


The new prize will be a Tier 9 Premium Tank Destroyer called Stryker ADATS – a Stryker chassis with a turret featuring not only very fast ATGMs, but also unguided rockets. You can read more about it in our dedicated article.

Consumable Redesign

We are introducing serious changes to the way the consumables work, including the following changes:

  • Two useless (lowest quality) consumables have been removed
  • The consumables will be split to normal and improved ones
  • All normal consumables are now free to use
  • Removed the old PvE consumables and replacing them with the ability to respawn and to reload ammunition for all players in PvE
  • Added new PvE consumables that provide major temporary bonuses

More information will follow in the detailed patchnotes.

Further Season Plans

These are, of course, not the only things coming during the American Dream season. This season will feature a steady monthly flow of content with some features we are really excited about still in works and coming after the season’s launch. Here’s what you can look forward to in the next couple of months:

  • Two progression vehicles and two Special Operations missions mentioned above
  • A major, yet unannounced feature that we are sure you’ll love
  • New Battalion features, including a new Battalion reward vehicle, the Shadow
  • Dynamic dirt system (vehicles getting progressively more dirty as they drive through dusty, muddy or snowy environments)
  • Improved list of AI vehicles
  • Tank encyclopedia page in your Garage
  • Overhauled player death UI

But that’s still not all. There’s much more coming, including rebalances, bug fixes and culminating with the launch of a new Battle Path campaign that will arrive by the end of the year. The autumn and winter of 2019 will definitely be really exciting and we are looking forward to your first feedback from a PTS session that is launching soon.

See you on the battlefield!

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