Premium Time Adjustment, Issue Hotfix

Obsidian Entertainment and are aware that a number of players reported issues concerning their Premium Time purchase, specifically:

  • Remaining Premium Time not being displayed properly
  • Premium Time counter resetting to zero, providing no benefit to players who purchased it

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused by these issues and have been tirelessly working on a number of corrections for these problems. To make absolutely sure the abovementioned issues will be resolved once and for all, we have prepared an adjustment for the players who purchased Founder's Pack, Collector's Edition bundles and Premium Time. Tomorrow, on the 29th of October during the maintenance downtime that will take place from 10:00 CET (02:00 AM PDT) and will take approximately four hours, the following adjustments will be made:

Founder's Pack and Collector's Edition Owners

Founder's Pack and Collector's Edition owners will have the Premium Time restarted, both types of bundles will act as if they were just recently purchased and the remaining Premium Time will be reset to the original initial value of the bundle. For example, if a player purchased the Operation Lightning bundle with 60 days of Premium Time 7 days ago and currently has 53 days of Premium Time left, the Premium Time counter will be reset back to 60 days, starting from the first login after the Premium Time adjustment downtime.


Players who purchased Premium Time for Gold

Players, who purchased Premium Time for gold in the game will have the Premium Time reset to 0 and all the gold spent for purchasing Premium Time returned to them in full - for example, if a player purchased 7 days of Premium 3 days ago and has 4 days left on their Premium Time counter, they will receive the full 7 day price of 1150 gold.

Additional Changes

The following issues will be resolved during the downtime as well:

  • The issue where some players cannot connect to the game ("Stuck on Authentization issue")
  • The missing Founder's Pack ("Vanguard") title issue
  • The issue where some Battalions can not invite more than 50 players (North American server only, the European server was already resolved)
  • Players who created their accounts before the start of the Open Beta phase will receive a special Beta Tester decal

As our thanks for your patience, every player (including those without Premium Account) will also receive free 3 days of Premium Time. We believe this solution to be the most fair one for all the players involved in the unfortunate series of issues and hope you will accept it with our humblest apologies. See you on the battlefield!

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