PhlyDaily M1128 Stryker Video!

Hi everyone!

Another member of the community here and a prolific Youtuber named PhlyDaily has created a 12 minute-long video about the M1128 Stryker in Armored Warfare, showing off how it performs in other titles like Arma 3, and providing his commentary on Armored Warfare, the Stryker, and what you all might expect to see from it in Armored Warfare itself! Check it out:

PhlyDaily is a veteran War Thunder player, and is looking forward to checking out Armored Warfare along with the rest of you! Be sure to subscribe to his Youtube channel for lots more exciting content, and feel free to follow him on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter! He also streams on!

Last but certainly not least, be sure to sign up for Armored Warfare's beta for a chance to drive your very own M1128 Stryker and take the fight to your enemies! You can also follow Armored Warfare on Facebook, Google+ and Twitterfor more news and information about the game!

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