Offer: Enter the Dragon


To celebrate the Chinese New Year, we’ve prepared something truly fierce for you – a new variant of the Object 187 called Object 187 Dragon!


It’s time to release your inner beast and let the enemy know the taste of your savage red claws – few can match the ferocity of a dragon in battle and the same goes for this Tier 7 Premium Main Battle Tank!

The Object 187 was a Soviet era program, developed to improve upon the excellent but ageing T-72 Main Battle Tank. Several prototypes were built, featuring a number of advanced elements compared to the older Soviet tanks, such as the new long 125mm smoothbore gun with a typical muzzle brake. The result was an excellent MBT that was, however, never mass-produced due to the 1990s Russian military budget cuts – the Russian army chose a less advanced but cheaper T-90 instead. You can learn more about it in our dedicated article.

In Armored Warfare, the Object 187 is a typical Russian style Main Battle Tank – it’s suitable for an aggressive play style and is a good choice for the players who prefer to take on their opponents at close ranges.


The Object 187 Dragon is now permanently available in the Web Shop, but between February 16 and March 3, 2018, it’s also available in the following bundles:

Improved Bundle with 22% discount, containing:

  • Object 187 Dragon Tier 7 Premium Main Battle Tank
  • 20 Gold Loot Crates
  • 15 Gold Battlefield Glory 12-hour Boost Tokens
  • 25 Gold Crew Insignia tokens
  • 25 Gold Commander Insignia tokens
  • 25 Gold Reputation Insignia tokens
  • 25 Gold Credits Insignia tokens
  • 25 Gold Global Reputation Insignia tokens
  • 3.000 Gold

Prime Bundle with 42% discount, containing:

  • Object 187 Dragon Tier 7 Premium Main Battle Tank
  • 25 Platinum Loot Crates
  • 25 Platinum Battlefield Glory 12-hour Boost Tokens
  • 50 Gold Crew Insignia tokens
  • 50 Gold Commander Insignia tokens
  • 50 Gold Reputation Insignia tokens
  • 50 Gold Credits Insignia tokens
  • 50 Gold Global Reputation Insignia tokens
  • 6.500 Gold


Object 187 Dragon Bonus Missions

We’ve also prepared a set of special missions for all players who purchase one of the Object 187 bundles!

From February 16 to March 9, 2018, the following tasks can be completed:

  • Earn 10.000 Reputation points to receive 5 Gold Insignia tokens of all five types
  • Earn 50.000 Reputation points to receive 5 pieces of each advanced Consumable
  • Earn 100.000 Reputation points to receive 3 Platinum Loot Crates and the Chinese New Year decal


Please note:

  • This event starts on February 16, 16:00 CET (7 AM PST)
  • This event ends on March 3, 16:00 CET (7 AM PST)
  • Every bundle can only be purchased once per account
  • Every bundle is delivered either to the EU server or to the NA server, based on your server selection
  • If you already owned a bundle vehicle, you will instead receive its Compensation Value in Gold instead

We hope that you will enjoy this offer and will see you on the battlefield!

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