Offer: AFT-10, Battle Coins


One again, we are happy to offer you the opportunity to obtain the AFT-10 Tier 10 Tank Destroyer.


The AFT-10 is a tracked ATGM carrier based on a ZBD-04 IFV hull that carries eight massive Red Arrow-10 guided missiles. In their latest version, these modern ATGMs are capable of devastating even the most modern MBTs at extreme distances and the AFT-10 was designed to do just that – to stop enemy assaults dead in their tracks. You can read more about it in our dedicated article.

In Armored Warfare, the AFT-10 is a Tier 10 Premium Tank Destroyer. Its massive ATGM launcher immediately draws comparison with another Tier 10 vehicle, the Kornet-EM. But where Kornet-EM is all about speed, stealth and missile ambushes, the AFT-10 is about one thing and one thing only – uncompromising firepower. It is capable of unleashing devastating missile salvos that can knock out even Tier 10 MBTs in seconds. Additionally, its missiles have a very high penetration value, which means that no matter the angle, no target is truly safe from its reach.

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Between August 29 and September 5, 2019, you have the opportunity to obtain this unique vehicle from an AFT-10 Loot Crate.

This Loot Crate contains mostly AFT-10 blueprint pieces. You need to assemble one hundred of these pieces (that will appear in your Inventory upon the crate opening) to receive the AFT-10. Each crate drops one of the following items:

As a main reward:

  • AFT-10 Tier 10 Premium Tank Destroyer (rare drop)
  • 1 to 99 blueprint pieces
  • Temporary 3-day version of a random Tier 6 or higher Premium vehicle

As a additional reward:

  • 10 Special AFT-10 Loot Crates (Special AFT-10 Loot Crate – Special Loot Crates are enhanced versions of the standard Loot Crates, offering more drops and higher chances to receive better items)
  • A part of an Special AFT-10 Loot Crate (collect 10 to receive a Special AFT-10 Loot Crate)

The Loot Crate is available by purchasing it in our Web Shop in the following bundles:

  • 2 Loot Crates (15% discount)
  • 5 Loot Crates (20% discount)
  • 11 Loot Crates (25% discount)
  • 23 Loot Crates (30% discount)
  • 50 Loot Crates (40% discount)


Additionally, during this period, the following Battle Coin bundles will be available exclusively on MyLoot:

  • 10.000 Battle Coins (15% off)
  • 25.000 Battle Coins (20% off)
  • 50.000 Battle Coins (25% off)
  • 100.000 Battle Coins (30% off)
  • 500.000 Battle Coins (45% off)

Battle Coins can be used for a number of things, including:

Please note:

  • This offer starts on August 29 at 16:00 CEST (7 AM PDT, 17:00 MSK)
  • This offer ends on September 5 at 16:00 CEST (7 AM PDT, 17:00 MSK)
  • This offer is not available to players located in the Netherlands and the Kingdom of Belgium

Enjoy the offer and see you on the battlefield!

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