New maps coming to Early Access

Obsidian Entertainment and are proud to present two new maps - Narrows and Pipelines.


In the war-torn world of the future, the oil still is the lifeblood of warfare and capturing strategic points such as refineries and pumping stations often means the difference between life and death. The Pipelines map takes the players to the Middle East where a large refinery fell into the hands of the enemy. Several mercenary groups were hired to capture it back and they will let nothing stand in the way of their victory and their next paycheck!

pipe1 pipe2 pipe3 pipe4 pipe5 pipe6 pipe7 pipe8

The Narrows map is placed in Eastern Europe where several large fuel tanks are under the attack of the enemy. You must defend them at all costs - otherwise the fuel and gas flow will be interrupted and the entire region will suffer.

nar2 nar3 nar4 nar5 nar6

See you on the battlefield!

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