New Launcher and Me


As we announced before, Armored Warfare is now available via a new game center called MGLauncher.


The launcher can be currently installed either by opening the old one and following the message there, or by downloading it here.

Please note:

  • In order not to lose your game client (in which case you’d have to completely re-download it), do not uninstall the older game center for the time being
  • The Market is now accessible directly in the launcher but not on the web, the launcher is the only method of accessing it and its inventory

Known issues:

  • Steam and EGS players do not currently have the access to the My.Games Market platform
  • The new launcher does not support multiple saved accounts
  • Players from Africa (including South Africa) see the Market in Arabic

We are aware of these issues and are working on fixes and improvements.

See you on the battlefield!

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