Modern Polish Vehicles

After the end of the Second World War, Poland – like many other countries - fell under the influence of the Soviet Union, a course that heavily influenced the development of the Polish People's Army ("Ludowe Wojsko Polskie", LWP) from 1945 to 1990. A part of these changes saw the Polish forces rearmed with various equipment of Soviet origin. This did not, however, mean that Polish armor development would stop. In the decades following the end of the war, the Polish managed to produce dozens of interesting designs, from modifications of Soviet vehicles to entirely new projects. Today, we will take a look at some of those vehicles, which may appear in Armored Warfare.

T-55AM "Merida"


The Polish T-55AM was an upgrade of the T-55A medium tank in LWP service. It was deployed from 1986 with 630 built. The vehicle had its original armament (the D-10T2S 100mm gun) that was improved by the addition of the local "Merida" fire control system. Additionally, the turret armor was upgraded by two blocks of frontal plates (improving the thickness to 290mm) and the protection was further enhanced by the "Bobrawa" laser detection system and indigenous smoke grenade launchers. The T-55AM was powered by the Polish version of the V-55 engine designated W-55 Wax (producing 640 horsepower). This vehicle stayed with the Polish army for nearly two decades with the last units being withdrawn in 2002. Latvia was the only other operator (5 vehicles were donated to Latvia in 1999).

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