The Mighty Jingles' Guide to Armored Warfare

Join us and the Mighty Jingles as he explains the basics of Armored Warfare gameplay in his latest amazing video!

The covered topics include:

  • User Interface elements
  • The basics of gameplay, shooting
  • Types of armor
  • Types of ammunition
  • Classes of vehicles

But that's not all - if you are coming to Armored Warfare from a different tank game, you might find this video especially useful as it also covers the similar points of Armored Warfare and other games of this type. You can find more excellent work of The Mighty Jingles on his Youtube channel and on his Facebook page.

Interested in learning more about the comparison between Armored Warfare and other tank games? You can also check out the article written by Armored Talk's Bspooky.

See you on the battlefield!

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