META Publishing takes over the development and publishing of Armored Warfare.

Important news about the future of the project!

International publisher and developer META Publishing and European publisher Modern Pick Entertainment have entered into an agreement regarding the online tank action game Armored Warfare. From now on, the development, publishing and live operations of Armored Warfare will be fully transferred to META Publishing. META Publishing acquired all intellectual property rights to the PC version of Armored Warfare and will be distributing the game on all PC platforms, including Steam, Epic Games Store and others. Restructured Armored Warfare team will continue to carry on with all previously announced plans for the game, including regular content updates, as well as implement new features and ideas that have been in discussion for some time and make it even more exciting for all veterans and newcomers.

“During the past three years META Publishing team worked closely with MY.GAMES, actively assisting with the development process on all levels. There’s no better team out there to take care of Armored Warfare present and future. We are very excited to add such a great game as Armored Warfare to our portfolio. META Publishing team will take the best care of the game and will build upon its legacy for years to come.”

  • Ilya Salamatov, CEO of META Publishing
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