Mercenary Showdown – Round 2 Results


Two weeks have passed since the great struggle between the Hellhounds and the White Lancers began. The White Lancers won the first round but the Hellhound forces rallied! Supported by fresh troops, they did put up quite a fight and snatched the victory from the hands of the Lancers. We are proud to announce the second round winner:



Rallying Cry

The third and final round will decide the ultimate victor of the contest. As announced in the Round 1 result post, the losing team from Round 2 will be rallying its forces by offering special incentives to those who join the fight.

In Round 3, any newly registered member of the White Lancers will receive a 10% bonus to his or her Reputation and Credit income in the game for the duration of the round.

This bonus will be awarded to all the players who joined the White Lancer team starting from the 29th of February (9 AM CET/midnight PST).

Please note:

  • The Reputation part of the bonus does not count towards the Mercenary Showdown Reputation calculation
  • The Reputation part of the bonus does not count towards the Top 100 award

Who will the ultimate victor be? The third round will tell!

See you on the battlefield!

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