Maintenance - September 27

On the 27th of September, 2018, starting from 8:00 CEST (26th of September, 11 PM PDT for NA), the servers will not be available for 4 hours due to the application of Update 0.26.4903.


List of Update 0.26.4903 Changes

  • Added a new Tier 8 Leopard 2 Revolution variant called Vereinigung
  • Fixed the excessive PELE shell splash radius – PELE shells will now require more precise hits to deal damage instead of just spraying the general area with a burst
  • Fixed an issue where 3D markers would only appear on minimum details in the tutorial mode
  • Fixed an extremely rare issue where players could see the elements of Garage UI after loading a battle
  • Fixed an issue where players would receive a message about purchasing “Experimental” consumables in their battle log
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