Maintenance - October 15

On the 15th of October, starting from 8:00 CEST (14th of October, 11 PM PDT), the server will not be available for 5 hours due to the application of Update 0.33.7403


With this update we are prolonging the anniversary event by one day.

List of Update 0.33.7403 Changes

Overhauled Abrams Models

This update is bringing the long-awaited overhauled Abrams models. These changes affect the following vehicles:

  • Abrams AGDS
  • M1 Abrams
  • M1A1 Abrams
  • M1A1 AIM
  • M1A1 Storm
  • M1A2 Abrams
  • M1A2C
  • XM1A3

As well as their corresponding skins such as Warhammer or Sentinel. Learn more in our dedicated article.

2T Stalker Changes

We are updating the 2T Stalker Contract reward vehicle as such:

  • Reduced the delay between ATGM launches from 3s to 2s
  • Reduced the ATGM magazine reload time from 25s to 18s
  • ATGM magazine reload time now depends on whether it was completely empty or not
  • Removed the ATGM damage bonus (as per the HEAT changes from Update 0.33)

Challenger HESH Changes

The HESH and PISH rounds, available to the Challenger MBTs, were changed as such:

  • Reduced the damage per shot value by 100 across the board
  • HESH module damage bonus was standardized to 35% (previously it ranged from 25% to 50% on PISH)

General Changes

  • Fixed an issue where the AI opponents driving MBTs were firing gun-launched ATGMs
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to reload an empty cannon magazine faster than intended by switching to your machinegun and then back
  • Added a number of assets and content for future events
  • B1 DRACO: This vehicle can now switch fast between shell types, much like LTs and MBTs
  • BMPT Mod.2000: HE shells no longer have different rate of fire from the AP ones (600 RPM)
  • K1A1: Somewhat reduced the thickness of the upper frontal plate and of the lowest part of the lower frontal plate
  • Leopard 2A5 Barracuda: Gun barrel of this skin no longer has a different color from the rest
  • M1A1, M1A1 AIM, Abrams AGDS: Fixed the decal and smoke appearance on these vehicles
  • M1A2, M1A2C, Leopard 2A5: Updated this vehicle’s icon
  • Object 490: Improved this vehicle’s side plate armor
  • Sucuri II Monster: Added the second flag post to this vehicle
  • T-14 Armata, Armata 152: Improved this vehicles upper frontal plate armor thickness and the thickness of the upper part of the lower frontal plate
  • T-90MS, Wilk XC-8: Improved this vehicle’s texture and fixed several visual issues
  • Type 90: The upper part of the lower frontal plate now consists of two zones with the upper one being thicker than the lower one
  • Type 90: Reduced the thickness of the lower part of the lower frontal plate and of the turret ring
  • 9910: Reload time reduced from 8s to 7.7s, updated this vehicle’s armor
  • Type 99: Reload time reduced from 8s to 7.7s, updated this vehicle’s armor
  • Type 99A: Reload time reduced from 8s to 7.7s, updated this vehicle’s armor
  • Type 99A2: Reload time reduced from 7.7s to 7.2s, updated this vehicle’s armor
  • Type 99A2-140: Reload time reduced from 11s to 10s, updated this vehicle’s armor
  • ZTQ-15: Removed the HEAT damage bonus from this vehicle, HE shells no longer lose no accuracy when the vehicle is moving
  • Now obsolete Enigma’s Legacy Battle Coin coupons remaining in your inventory can now be sold for 1.000 Credits
  • BMPT and T-90MS rubber side skirts are now really made of rubber and not metal like in real life
  • Al Dabbah Map: Fixed a number of visual issues on this map and improved its general appearance
  • Al Dabbah Map: Introduced some smaller gameplay changes
  • Al Dabbah Map: It’s now possible to fire through the destroyed warship’s turbines
  • Ranked Battles: The amount of minimap pings in this mode is no longer limited
  • Ranked Battles: With Fog of War active, players can no longer see the opposite team’s platoons or the Premium status of its vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where the dealt damage battle statistics could show twice as much damage dealt than it really was under some specific circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where the tanks in the Tutorial mission wouldn’t drive towards their objectives
  • Fixed an issue where receiving decals would show corrupted mouseover tooltips
  • Fixed the appearance of the Nomad skin for the M1A1 MBT
  • Some skins are now marked in the UI as seasonal with the appropriate icon
  • Fixed several smaller visual issues

Known Issues

  • M1A2 Abrams with Warhammer and Bastogne skins installed has weaker turret side armor than intended
  • The CITV optics on the M1A2, M1A2C and XM1A3 is too dark
  • M1A2 and M1A2C ammo rack may be more vulnerable than intended due to a bug
  • On M1A2 and M1A2C, one of the decals is not displayed properly
  • Type 99A2 and Type 99A2-140 HE shells can deal incorrect damage
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