Maintenance - October 1

On the 1st of October, starting from 8:00 CEST (30th of September, 11 PM PDT), the server will not be available for 5 hours due to the application of Update 0.33.7365


List of Update 0.33.7365 Changes

Al Dabbah PvP Map

The Al Dabbah desert PvP (Random Battles) map is now available. Conquer the dunes of Sahara in an epic battle for one of the last remaining power plants and water purifiers on the river Nile. The map comes in two modes – Standard and Encounter. Read more in our dedicated article.

Battle-Hardened Improvements

Battle-hardened vehicles now have preferential Matchmaking. They will no longer encounter vehicles two Tiers higher in any of their battles. This will allow for more comfortable gameplay with this feature unlocked.

General Changes

  • All sorts of Inventory items that were previously impossible to get rid of can now be sold for 1.000 Credits each
  • Tier 7 to 10 vehicles had their 105mm HESH (HEP and PISH) shell characteristics adjusted
  • Some vehicles still had HEAT and HEAT-MP shell damage bonuses even after their removal in Update 0.33, this has been fixed (Leclerc Prototype, NM142, Zubr PSP, C1 Ariete, Griffin 120mm, M1134, Т-72B3, QN-506 and PL-01)
  • BMPT series vehicles with twin autocannons now fire their guns simultaneously (two rounds per cycle)
  • Fixed an issue where destroyed ERA modules would appear as intact on the BMPT series and Bradley FV
  • Centauro 120: Fixed the incorrect HE damage
  • Leopard 2A5: Improved this vehicle’s visual quality and fixed some model issues
  • M60-2000 Neon: Fixed the armor of this vehicle
  • River Point: Fixed the grass that disappeared in the last update
  • Fixed an UI issue where a longer player nickname wouldn’t fit its tile on the PvE loading screen
  • Fixed an issue with team tab color settings in the match result window
  • When you run out of ammo and replenish it, the weapon will now be loaded with the last used type of ammo
  • Fixed the Ready Rack issue that allowed vehicles to fire faster than intended on the Alabino Proving Grounds map
  • Added a number of assets for future events to the game
  • Fixed a number of small visual model issues
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