Maintenance - May 20

On the 20th of May 2021, starting from 8:00 CEST (19th of May, 11 PM PDT), the server will not be available for 4 hours due to the application of Update 0.35.8115


List of Update 0.35.8115 Changes


In this update, we are introducing the Kornet-D1 Tier 10 Premium Tank Destroyer. The Kornet-D1 is a dedicated tank hunter armed with two quad Kornet launchers with the option to fire two missiles at once when configured properly. You can read more about the vehicle in our dedicated article.

Dossier Changes

We’ve updated the Dossier mechanism so that when your own Dossier is visible to other players, you can also view the open Dossiers of other players. However, if you decide to close your Dossier and thus make it invisible to other players, you cannot see any Dossiers of other players, even if they are set to open.

General Changes

  • Fixed an issue where HE shells hitting an unmanned turret would sometimes deal more damage upon non-penetration than upon an actual penetration
  • Self-guiding missiles and top-down missiles(including the Javelins) can now properly shoot down flying targets
  • Fixed an issue where progression vehicles would sometimes get an incorrect (too high) amount of XP in battle
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect First Victory of the Day multiplier (x0) would sometimes appear in match results
  • The First Victory of the Day indicator on the main Results screen now shows all the bonuses correctly
  • Added the separate Wheels/Tracks module to the Upgrade screen of Kornet-EM and AMX-13 DCA
  • RST-V Shadow can now use a machinegun
  • T-90A Burlak: Fixed the turret ring model by adding an armored collar to cover the weakspot
  • Type 10: Fixed the Upgrade UI of this vehicle so that the tracks now correctly display their bonuses and mobility properties (this does not change the actual performance of this vehicle)
  • River Point: Fixed the appearance of both bases
  • Added several new vehicles (Type 10, Object 195 and CATTB) to the list of 1-day temporary vehicle drops
  • Fixed Ophelia Kitescu’s shield skill description
  • Fixed an issue where flying enemy vehicles remained locked even if not being visible to the player
  • Adjusted the Czechoslovak Green color to a more realistic shade
  • Fixed some minor visual model issues on multiple vehicles
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