Maintenance - June 24

On the 24th of June 2021, starting from 8:00 CEST (23rd of June, 11 PM PDT), the server will not be available for 5 hours due to the application of Update 0.36.8195


List of Update 0.36.8195 Changes

Northern Wind Battle Path

This update is bringing the Northern Wind Battle Path. The event is due to start on June 24. You can learn more about it in our dedicated article.

Improvements in this iteration include:

  • Added legendary skins to the Battle Coin Shop, including the Spirithaven and Desert Storm Raid ones
  • Purchasing an item in the Battle Coin Shop now leaves a notification in your Garage log

Famine Special Operation Improvements

We are introducing a number of fixes to the latest Special Operation “Famine”:

  • Fixed the “tanks falling into an invisible hole on a bridge” issue
  • Fixed an issue where the warship repair objective wouldn’t appear correctly and the convoy would not spawn
  • It’s no longer possible to fire through the warship as we fixed its collision model
  • Fixed an issue where some objects from the initial cutscene would appear in the mission if the loading process took too long or if you reconnected to it after a disconnect
  • Removed the nose piece of a downed aircraft that was blocking the way near a church
  • Fixed the textures on one of the bunkers from which the enemies emerge
  • Fixed an issue where a silhouette of a city gate would appear in the final cutscene
  • Fixed the time of the day appearance in the initial cutscene
  • Both difficulties: Increased the time between enemy wave spawns during the warship defense phase
  • Extreme difficulty: Increased the convoy vehicle hitpoints from 4400 to 6600
  • Extreme difficulty: Removed the additional damage dealt to the warship in case the enemy captures both defense objectives, the system now works as on the lower difficulty
  • The drones are now actually reaching the warship
  • The warship model now changes with each part delivered
  • The warship model now has new animations during the defense phase
  • AI mortar crews no longer spawn on buildings
  • Fixed several issues with terrain collisions that were causing players to get stuck

General Changes

  • The Desert Crossing map is now available again in the Global Operations mode
  • Fixed an issue where a soldier in the Famine-themed Garage would teleport to the middle of the bridge
  • Leopard 2: Somewhat improved this vehicle’s appearance
  • Griffin 50mm: Fixed an issue where this vehicle’s APS model wouldn’t throw a shadow
  • RST-V Shadow: Fixed this vehicle’s machinegun model to match its caliber
  • TTB: Improved this vehicle’s visual model by adding an accurate representation of the Trophy APS
  • Caribbean Crisis, Mission 2: Enemy AI no longer attacks the Zubr immediately after spawning
  • Moscow Calling, Mission 4: Fixed the flickering windows of the prison building object
  • Fixed an issue where the target lock indicator wouldn’t disappear correctly after the destruction or disappearance of the target
  • Fixed the collision model of a sandbag barricade object found on multiple maps
  • Regional Chinese flags are again available in the client
  • Added various Scandinavian camouflages and other related assets
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