Maintenance - June 20

On the 20th of June 2018, starting from 8:00 CEST (19th of June, 11 PM PDT for NA), the Open Beta servers will not be available for 4 hours due to the application of Hotfix 0.25.4699


List of Hotfix 0.25.4699 Changes

General and Important Changes

  • Fixed a number of crashes that started occurring since the launch of Update 0.25 (especially in Global Operations and during Platoon creations)
  • Fixed an issue where dead players could activate other players’ headlights and launch their smoke grenades
  • The battle queue now displays an approximate waiting time in minutes
  • Improved the Contract Mission rewards based on player feedback – all missions now award Credits instead of Reputation
  • Special Operations First Victory of the Day (periodic) bonus is now correctly displayed in mission results
  • Improved the description of Loot Crates – their tooltips now display what kind of rewards it is possible to obtain from them
  • Fixed an issue that caused vehicles to not receive any damage from having their tracks or wheels rammed by another vehicle
  • Fixed an issue that caused the gun flame effect to disappear for a large number of guns when firing more than one shot
  • Fixed the APFSDS or HESH penetration indicator that sometimes appeared with an incorrect color (mostly red while penetration was possible)
  • Improved the way the automatic graphic settings detection works
  • Medium graphics settings or higher now have vertical synchronization enabled by default
  • The Tutorial button now disappears from the HQ screen whenever a player obtains a Tier 4 vehicle
  • The intro video will now appear once for players who have it disabled in the settings
  • Fixed the PvP matchmaking for standard (non-skirmish) battles to reduce the platoon matchmaking and the match tier spread when the mode population allows it


  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when players attempted to switch its firing modes
  • Fixed the vehicle’s collision model
  • Improved the vehicles controls to make it more convenient to drive

M1A2 SEP v3, XM1A3

As some players might have noticed, the lower frontal plate of these vehicles became much more difficult to penetrate in Update 0.25. This was due to the fact that we fixed the Abrams collision model in order for it to correspond to the visual one. As a result, its correct (sharper) angles made the lower frontal plate much harder to penetrate. To compensate for this unintended change, we reduced the lower frontal plate armor thickness of these vehicles to bring them back to the pre-0.25 state when it comes to player ability to penetrate their hull.

M1134, M1134 Fox

We are introducing the changes that were announced for the Black Sea Incursion launch but were not present in the initial version of the update:

  • The turret now receives reduced damage
  • Reload time reduced from 16 to 15 seconds
  • The vehicle now can fire a new TOW missile variant that combines Fire and Forget with Top Attack mechanics

Type 96B

  • Optimized the turret hatch armor in order to better calculate the damage this vehicle receives
  • Fixed the firing visual effect
  • Fixed the armor model to better correspond to the visual one with its values adjusted to match the real life vehicle better


  • The recently re-introduced 20mm gun became more accurate and its handling was improved
  • Fixed several autocannon model issues
  • Fixed the incorrect UI armor values (it was listed as twice as thick as in reality)

Other Vehicle Changes

  • Abbot, Abbot VE: fixed the UI characteristics
  • Abrams tank series: fixed the exhaust visual effect
  • BMP-3M Dragun 125: fixed this vehicle’s ERA functionality
  • BMPT Terminator: thermobaric missiles now accelerate faster
  • BMPT-72 Terminator 2: thermobaric missiles now accelerate faster
  • CRAB: fixed the collision model issue of its gun and turret that prevented it from taking any damage
  • Centauro series: fixed an issue where battalion decals did not display properly
  • KTO Rosomak: reduced the the autocannon accuracy loss when firing in longer bursts
  • KTO Rosomak M1: reduced the the autocannon accuracy loss when firing in longer bursts
  • Leopard 2: frontal turret armor increased from 570mm to 650mm
  • Marder 2: reduced the the autocannon accuracy loss when firing in longer bursts
  • Merkava Mk.2B Storm, Type 99A: fixed an issue with decals not being displayed correctly
  • Object 279 Banner Bearer: removed this vehicle’s preferential matchmaking
  • OT-65A: fixed an issue with its base color and camouflage not displaying properly
  • PL-01: its unmanned turret now takes reduced damage
  • T-90MS: fixed an issue with its camouflage not displaying properly
  • Type 96, Type 96A: armor values adjusted to match the real life vehicles better, fixed an issue where their smoke grenades were launched too high and didn’t cover the vehicles correctly
  • VBR: fixed the collision model of this vehicle
  • VT-5, VT-5 Dragon: the amount of carried ammunition increased to 54, fixed the rear of the visual model
  • Wilk XC-8: fixed an issue where battalion decals did not display properly

Black Sea Incursion Special Operation - Mission 1

  • The additional 2 minutes to the mission timer are now added when the objective to “wait for the Zubr” is activated instead of the “find Cortez” objective and only when the remaining mission time is less than two minutes

Black Sea Incursion Special Operation - Mission 2

  • The city destruction cutscene now appears after completing the first two objectives
  • The allied AI vehicles on Hardcore difficulty now correctly defend their positions after the completion of the “repel counterattack” objective

Black Sea Incursion Special Operation - Mission 3

  • Fixed a number of visual issues of the enemy AC-130
  • Reduced the number of AI vehicles attacking the northern and north-western positions
  • Moved the north-western position closer to the city
  • The delay between the arrival of enemy vehicle waves increased
  • Increased the time it takes the AI opponents to capture a position

Issues and Corrections

  • Fixed a large amount of small visual issues for multiple models (missing small texture bits etc.)
  • Fixed a number of small UI issues
  • Fixed the AI vehicle models on low visual settings
  • Fixed an issue where the collision volume slider didn’t do anything
  • Fixed the Dossier additional statistics updating
  • Fixed an issue where players could load their vehicles with more than four types of shells when the battle UI in fact only supports four types
  • Fixed an issue that caused the shared player Dossiers to not show their Achievements correctly
  • Fixed an issue where accepting a friend invitation made other invitations disappear
  • Fixed an issue where some high resolutions caused the game texts to not appear correctly
  • Fixed the incorrect Custom Match mode display when accepting an invitation to a Custom Match room
  • Fixed an issue where obtaining a Contract Mission reward decal made it appear with a delay
  • Fixed an issue where smoke deployment could be heard at long distances
  • Fixed a rare issue where it was possible to waste a one-use repair consumable on an undamaged module by manually clicking it in the UI
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